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EKA2L1 Git (2020/11/01) is released. EKA2L1 is a Experimental Symbian OS emulator, written in C++ 17. The emulator currently emulates Symbian OS's EKA2 behavior (with planned EKA1 support), and reimplement most of its critical app servers. It can already boot many EKA2's apps and games, with EKA1 being worked on at the moment.

EKA2L1 Git Changelog:
* services/fs: Move file_open impl to new_file_subession to return correct error code
* emu: Add bengali language
* services/window: Revert key block change with key block active by default
* Merge pull request #216 from EKA2L1/android
* drivers/graphics: Add missing swizzle
* services/window: Implement SetExtentErr
* android: Fix potential deadlock
* android: Use music volume stream
* android: Add wakelock switch
* kernel/svc: Refactor ShareSession
* android: Add themes
* android: Add statusbar switch
* android: Make app name untranslatable
* Update Crowdin configuration file
* kernel/svc: Implement ShareSession for eka1
* services/applist: Implement is_program
* kernel: Implement inactivity time
* services/window: Remove key block active hack
* kernel/svc: Free allocated handle in message_complete
* ci/mac: Rollback to xcode 11 for now
* drivers/graphics: Log out error string given by NFD
* drivers/graphics: Log out error of picker dialog
* services/fs: Absolute path when making directories
* drivers/dsp: Initialise volume on constructor to half max
* services/fbs/font/gdr: Revert back to base area on baseline offset
* services/window/gctx: Clear clipping when activate
* services/fbs/font/gdr: Correct height and output offset of characters
* vfs: Use slighter mode when reopen from resize
* services/etel: Define missing phone system agent properties
* services/window: Implement get_keyboard_repeat_rate
* patch/mediaclientaudio: Deque anyway on destroy with precaution
* drivers/graphics/ogl: Treat GLES and opengl separately
* system/installation: Readd percentage on copying raw dump
* Merge pull request #214 from EKA2L1/android
* android: Update apps after sd mount
* Revert "android: Restart if sdcard is mounted"
* android: Rename some strings
* ci/actions: Update Android CI
* Update Crowdin configuration file
* drivers/graphics/ogl: Disable OpenGL extensions check for Android
* android: Set gradlew permissions
* ci/actions: Add Android CI
* system: Fix lowercase renaming on Android
* android: Add filtering support
* android: Restart if sdcard is mounted
* external: Fix typo
* drivers/graphics: Improve texture format handling
* drivers/audio: Use predefined latency for Android
* emu: Add android project
* external: Add dynarmic-android
* services/fs: Detect default drive param on volume call
* services/window: Only suspend DSA thread on cancel and remember abort status
* kernel/msgqueue: Dont do anything if requester is empty
* kernel: Fix reutrn value of IPC read/write
* kernel/svc: Implement library_entry_point and debug_command_execute


Download: EKA2L1 Git (2020/11/01)

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