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Vvctre v39.3.0 is released. Vvctre is a Nintendo 3DS emulator based on Citra.

Vvctre Changelog:
Changes include:
Add Emulation -> Reset HLE Wireless Reboot Information
Add Emulation -> Reset HLE Delivery Argument
Add vvctre_set_hle_deliver_arg plugin function
Add vvctre_get_hle_deliver_arg plugin function
Add vvctre_resize_hle_wireless_reboot_info plugin function
Add vvctre_get_hle_wireless_reboot_info_pointer_and_size plugin function
[HLE] APT: Implement ReceiveDeliverArg
[HLE] APT: GetStartupArgument now returns the actual argument instead of zeros
[HLE] APT: DoApplicationJump now sets the delivery argument
[HLE] APT: app_jump_parameters.current_media_type is now the current media type instead of the next media type
[HLE] Now the HOME Button resets the delivery argument and the wireless reboot information
Games fixed:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Master Splinter's Training Pack (DSP LLE needs to be enabled)
Some of the games in SEGA 3D Classics Collection

Download: Vvctre v39.3.0
Source: Here

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