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EmuCR: XeniaXenia Git (2020/11/22) is compiled. Xenia is an experimental emulator for the Xbox 360. It does not run games (yet).

Xenia Status:
Some real games run. Most don't. See the Game compatibility list for currently tracked games and feel free to contribute your own updates, screenshots, and information there following the existing conventions.

Xenia Git Changelog:
* [Build] Add Android to platform_files.lua
* [Base] Use bswap_16/32/64 from byteswap.h on Linux
* [Build] Mark RTTI as enabled for Android
* [Build] Enable exceptions and Clang STL on Android
* [Android] Remove releaseDebuggable config since debuggable disables optimization
* [Build] Update premake-androidmk fork
* [Build] Switch premake-androidmk to a fork
* [Android] Studio project enough to invoke NDK-Build
* [GPU] Add performance counter registers.
* [GPU] Skip viz-query geometry (if marked).
* [GPU] Disable faceness for rectangles temporarily
* [Build] Make premake-androidmk generate something
* [Build] Fix a typo in get_premake_target_os comment
* [Base] Android and Arm platform defines
* [Build] Support cross-compilation via xb premake --target_os
* [Build] xenia-build Android host OS detection
* [Build] Better Android detection in tools/build/premake
* [Build] Clone premake to internal storage on Android
* [D3D12] Cleanup rasterizer state
* [GPU] Rename PrimitiveTwoFaced to PrimitivePolygonal, add rects to it and ignore fill modes for non-polygons
* [Build] Disable potentially dangerous floating point optimizations
* [GPU] Separate GetHostViewportInfo X and Y bounds
* [XAM] Rollup of user fixes.

Download: Xenia Git (2020/11/22)
Source: Here

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