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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X v0.83.10 (2021/02/01) is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
The Windows key(s) in Windows and the Command key(s)
in macOS will now be displayed as the "Windows" and
"Command" keys instead of the "super" and the "meta"
keys in SDL1 builds just like SDL2 builds. (Wengier)
Cursor blinking rate for TrueType font (TTF) output
can now be customized with the ttf.blinkc option.
Set an integer between 1 (fastest) and 7 (slowest)
to change TTF cursor blinking rate, or setting it to
0 for no cursor (or false for non-blinking cursor as
in previous versions), with the default value being
6 on PC-98 systems and 4 elsewhere. (Wengier)
Fixed parallel port emulation to allow MDA port 3BCh
to work properly.
Enhanced the printer function on Windows platforms
to allow printer names to be specified in [printer]
section via the "device" option for direct printing
to the selected device. If left empty, then Windows
Print dialog will always be shown, or specifying "-"
will cause it to show only once (unless the user
clicks "Cancel"). Under "Help" menu there is now a
menu option "List Printer Devices" to list printer
devices on Windows, and the parallel port LPT1 now
defaults to the printer on all platforms. (Wengier)
The dynamic_x86 CPU core can now handle page faults
non-recursively, so you can now run the dynamic_x86
core with Windows 9x/ME without crashes, although
this may slightly decrease the performance, and it
may be disabled by setting the config option "use
dynamic core with paging on" in [cpu] section to
"false"; the default value of this option has been
changed to "auto" which will enable/disable itself
based on whether the 386 paging and a guest system
has been enabled. Also fixed incorrect behavior for
handling trap flags in the dynamic core and updated
the MMX code for improved performance. (koolkdev)
Added support for Direct3D output on Windows SDL2
builds just like Windows SDL1 builds to become the
default output in all Windows builds. (Wengier)
DOSBox-X now natively supports the pixel-perfect
scaling! Set the option "output=openglpp" in [sdl]
section of the config file to enable this output.
Alternatively, the output can be selected from the
menu ("Video" => "Output" => "OpenGL perfect") at
run-time. It is recommended to set config options
and "aspect=true" (whenever the emulated display
has an aspect ratio of 4:3) and "doublescan=false"
for openglpp output. Also, with high DPI displays
(e.g. on Windows 7+ with DPI scaling enabled) it
works better with full-screen mode and the setting
"dpi aware=true". It was implemented by ant_222
(patch author) with some code cleanups by Wengier.
Updated the Windows installer to add a page for
new users to select a video system output to use -
the default output (Direct3D), OpenGL with pixel-
perfect scaling (openglpp or "OpenGL perfect") for
improved image quality, and the TrueType font (TTF)
output for text-mode DOS applications. (Wengier)
You can now supply a ZIP/7Z file as a parameter to
DOSBox-X directly so that it will be mounted as C:
drive when DOSBox-X starts. (Wengier)
Added overlay support for mounting PhysFS drives
so that you can specify a write location when you
mounted a ZIP/7Z archive by adopting an old patch.
For example, command "MOUNT C C:\DIR -T OVERLAY"
will specify path C:\DIR(\C_DRIVE) as the write
location after mounting C: drive as a PhysFS drive
with a command like "MOUNT FILES.ZIP". (Wengier)
Added ability to resolve file paths that include
environment variables on Windows or tildes (~) on
other platforms for various options in the config
file, such as language and mapper file paths, MT32
ROM & FluidSynth soundfont paths, [config] section
options as well as file outputs for the printing
and serial/parallel port functions. (Wengier)
Added calculator for DOS (EVAL.EXE), which appears
on Z drive and can calculate both simple (such as
sin(0) and cos(0)) and many advanced mathematical
expressions in either command-line mode and or the
interactive mode. (Wengier)
Added support for standard (VGA/EGA/CGA) and mono
mode dual-screen setup by porting the patch. You
can now start DOSBox-X with the option -display2
followed by a color (white, green, amber) to enable
this feature on debug builds. (Wengier)
You can now translate texts in DOSBox-X's drop-down
menus. The message files as written by the config
tool (CLI or GUI) will contain the menu texts for
translations from the English language. (Wengier)
Added "file access tries" config option (in [dos]
section) so that if a positive integer is provided
(e.g. 1 or 3) DOSBox-X will try to read/write/lock
files on mounted local drives for the specified
number of times before failing on Windows builds.
It is especially useful for networked DOS database
applications that require record locking. (Wengier)
Added "bannercolortheme" config option (in [dosbox]
section) so that users can change the background
color theme of the welcome banner from the default
blue color when DOSBox-X starts. (Wengier)
Added "pcaptimeout" config option (in the [ne2000]
section) to specify a read timeout value for pcap
in milliseconds, or default value (-1 on Windows
or 3000 otherwise) will be used. (Wengier & Jookia)
Added "Save & Restart" button to the Configuration
Tool's "Save" option for saving the config file and
then automatically restarting DOSBox-X with this
saved configuration. Command-line options -wcboot,
-wcdboot and -wcpboot are added to CONFIG command
which resemble -wc, -wcd, and -wcp options but will
reboot DOSBox-X after writing configfile. Command-
line option -bc (-bootconf) is also added to reboot
with specified config file (or the primary loaded
config file if not specified) directly. (Wengier)
The config option ttf.font will now search for TTF
fonts in the directory as specified by the fontpath
option in [printer] section too. (Wengier)
Added special properties to CONFIG command such as
"screenwidth", "screenheight", "windowwidth", and
"windowheight" so that commands like "CONFIG -GET
screenwidth" and "CONFIG -GET screenheight" will
get the current screen width and height. (Wengier)
BOOT command without a parameter will now try to
boot the current drive if possible. (Wengier)
You can now change properties such as "fullscreen",
"glshader" and "windowposition" dynamically with
CONFIG command. For example, command "config -set
fullscreen=true" and "config -set windowposition="
will now switch on the full-screen mode and center
the window position respectively. For TrueType font
output, you can now also change the TTF font, the
number of rows and columns on the TTF screen, and
the word processor for TTF dynamically using CONFIG
command, e.g. "config -set ttf.font=test", "config
-set ttf.lins=30", "config -set ttf.cols=100" and
"config -set ttf.wp=wp". The limits for the options
ttf.cols and ttf.lins are increased too. (Wengier)
Implemented the DOS network redirector functions so
that the host name can be reported to DOS programs,
unless the secure mode is enabled. You may need to
set either the option ipx=true in [ipx] section or
the option ne2000=true in [ne2000] section. Also
added config option "network redirector" to [dos]
section which if set to false disables the network
redirector even with IPX/NE2000 enabled. (Wengier)
Fixed an issue that the DOSBox-X window size may be
incorrect when restoring from a maximized window in
the SDL2 builds. (Wengier)
Fixed that the menu option "Select OpenGL (GLSL)
shader.." not working properly sometimes. (Wengier)
Fixed Ctrl+C not working in GNU ed. (Wengier)
Fixed large ISO images (>2GB) unable to be mounted
using IMGMOUNT command. (Wengier)
Fixed build failure on Gentoo Linux. (fonic)
3dfx games can now work with the Glide passthrough
feature when a guest system (guest DOS or Windows
9x) is currently running. The default setting for
config option "keep private area on boot" in [dos]
section is changed from "false" to "auto". (Wengier)
Improved the speed of the Voodoo hardware emulation
for running games like Tomb Raider 3dfx. (Wengier)
Improved OPL3Duo support, such as adding a buffer
thread to get rid of slowdowns & breakups in audio
playback when using the board. (DhrBaksteen)
Updated the Tiny File Dialog library to the latest
version v3.8.5, which fixes issues such as the
compatibility problem with Windows XP. (Wengier)
Updated FLAC, MP3, and WAV CD-DA decoder libraries
to the latest versions (0.12.28, 0.6.26 and 0.12.18
respectively; per David Reid). (Wengier)
Integrated SVN commits (Allofich & Wengier)
r4426: Emulate debug register 6 during trap flag
emulation (and normal int 1). Fixes 544 (jmarsh)
r4401: Improve xchg to handle unwritable memory
better for core_dyn_x86.
r4399: Finish up and add LOOP_NE and LOOP_E for
r4393: Remove video page check when drawing
internal mouse pointer, as the BIOS current page
is not updated in some cases. Fixes QQP games: Lost
Admiral, Conquered Kingdoms, and Solitaire's
Journey. Also be a bit smarter about enabling
autolock, supporting more cases where the mouse
is used for input without resetting it.
r4392: Improve capturing of Zeliard and fix a
few percussion-related capturing problems as well.
r4310: Improve PMAKE on big endian machines and
fix some bugs. Fixes bug in 16 -> 15 bit color
r4309: Copy working directory when mounting an
r4307: Refinement of SoundBlaster checks, so no
IRQ is raised when not in autodma mode.

Download: DOSBox-X v0.83.10 (2021/02/01)
Source: Here

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