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EmuCR: Denise Denise v1.1.0 is released. Denise is a cycle accurate and platform independant c64 / amiga emulator. At the moment ONLY c64 cartridge, tape and prg files are supported and features like savestates are not available. My motivation for this project is understanding how it works and write clean and easy readable code.

Denise v1.1.0 changelog:
save/load additional settings files for a lot of purposes, like
define keyboard inputs for individual games one time only
prepare different C64 models
prepare individual Multi SID configurations
rework sub-menu handling within configuration window
rework status bar (Drive LED's, Tape control)
status bar is switchable via Hotkey in windows/fullscreen (Options / Hotkeys)
show LED for EeasyFlash and EF³
add UI for custom RAM init patterns
load savestates per drag'n'drop or from File Explorer
support to paste clipboard or copy screen to clipboard
fix OpenGL 1/4 screen BUG for newer macOS versions
Gmod2 cartridge mapper (i.e. Sams Journey)
support Flash and Eeprom writes
Magic Desk cartridge mapper
Final Cartridge I, II, Plus, III, III+
Simons Basic, Warp Speed
Atomic Power, Mach5, Pagefox, Ross, Westermann
expansion port expander to use REU + Retro Replay together
hotkey for menu switch
support Super Snapshot 5, Retro(Nordic) Replay, Atomic(Nordic) Power
Kernal replacement
optional 64 MBit mode
create a single EF3 file (slot 0) from all slots during emulation
strip down single EF3 file (slot 0) to all slots (Note: multi CRT file writing can trigger a false positive in your security app)

Download: Denise v1.1.0


  1. Superb emulator, it's even possible now, to emulate the whole EasyFlash3!


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