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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X v0.83.11 (2021/03/01) is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
Added support for the clipboard device (CLIP$) and
DOS clipboard API on non-Windows systems (they were
previously only supported on the Windows platform).
In Linux SDL1 build only read access is supported
whereas both read and write access are supported in
all other builds. Also, selecting and copying text
to the host clipboard using a mouse button or arrow
key is now supported in macOS SDL1 build. (Wengier)
Added "Paste Clipboard" button to the AUTOEXEC.BAT,
CONFIG.SYS and 4DOS.INI sections in Configuration
Tool for pasting clipboard contents. (Wengier)
Windows SDL2 builds now use same clipboard pasting
method as Windows SDL1 builds by default instead of
the BIOS keyboard function. The method is now also
available for Linux and macOS (both SDL1 and SDL2)
builds (although it is disabled by default on these
platforms). A menu option "Use BIOS function for
keyboard pasting" is added to the "Shared clipboard
functions" menu group (under "Main") to use BIOS
function for the clipboard pasting instead of the
keystroke method. Make sure this option is disabled
if pasting clipboad text into Windows 3.x/9x apps
(e.g. Notepad & Write) is desired. This setting can
be changed with "clip_paste_bios" config option in
in [sdl] section of the config file too. (Wengier)
With the config option "startcmd=true" or command-
line option -winrun, Windows applications can now
be launched from within a DOS program or from the
4DOS shell in addition to built-in shell. (Wengier)
Added the "disable graphical splash" config option
in [dosbox] section which when set will cause a
text-mode BIOS splash screen to be always displayed
at startup instead of the graphical one. If the
TrueType font (TTF) output is enabled the text-
mode BIOS screen is used automatically. (Wengier)
Added a simple BIOS Setup Utlity, which will show
a summary of the current system configuration and
allow users to change the date and time. Press Del
key at the BIOS boot screen to enter. (Wengier)
Added config option "showbasic" in [sdl] section
which when set to false will hide DOSBox-X version
number and running speed in the titlebar. (Wengier)
Added experimental option to load a VGA BIOS ROM
image and execute it, instead of our own INT 10h
emulation. If enabled, it will load the specific
ROM file into C000:0000. If not specified, it
will choose based on machine type. VGA BIOS ROM
images (e.g. et4000.bin for Tseng ET4000 emulation)
can be dumped from real hardware or downloaded from
the PCem ROMs collection. It can be set with config
option "vga bios rom image" in [video] section.
Improved handling for file- and record-locking
for non-Windows platforms. Portions of the code
are adopted from DOSEmu. (Wengier)
Improved handling for the setting "ansi.sys=false",
such as fixing the welcome screen messup in this
case and allowing the use of a custom ANSI TSR
(such as NNANSI.COM) instead. (Wengier & stu)
You can now press Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Break to break
from long outputs from commands like TYPE, MORE,
COPY, DIR /S, and ATTRIB /S. (Wengier)
Renamed MEM.COM to MEM.EXE to match DOS. (Wengier)
Rewrote built-in TREE command instead of the one
from FreeDOS to support long filenames. (Wengier)
DELTREE is now an external command appearing on
drive Z: as DELTREE.EXE instead of a builtin shell
command, since it is an external command in a real
DOS system. (Wengier)
Added REPLACE command to replace files, resembling
the MS-DOS counterpart. This command is compiled
with long filename support. (Wengier)
Added PUSHD and POPD commands so that you can store
the current directory and changes to the specified
directory (optionally also the current drive), then
changes the directory/drive back. PUSHD command
without arguments show stored path(s). (Wengier)
Added COLOR command to change current foreground
and background colors. It usage is similar to the
same-named command in the Windows command prompt.
For example, command "COLOR fc" produces light red
on bright white; COLOR without an argument restores
the original color. (Wengier)
Added CHCP command to view the current code page,
or change the current code page for the TrueType
font (TTF) output. Supported code pages include:
437, 808, 850, 852, 853, 855, 857, 858, 860, 861,
862, 863, 864, 865, 866, 869, 872, and 874. You can
now also set the code page for TTF output via the
optional second parameter of the "country" option
in [config] section of the configuration. (Wengier)
Added function to automatically save states in the
specified time interval (in seconds). You can also
specify a save slot or start and end save slots to
be used. For example, "autosave=10 11-20" will set
a 10-second time interval for auto-saving, and the
save slots used will be between 11 and 20. If no
save slot is specified, then the current save slot
will be used for auto-saving. Putting a minus sign
before time interval causes the auto-saving function
to not be activated at start. You can optionally
also specify up to 9 program names for this feature,
e.g. "autosave=10 11-20 EDIT:21-30 EDITOR:35" will
cause program "EDIT" to use save slots 21-30, and
"EDITOR" to use save slot 35, and other programs to
use save slots 11-20. Added a menu option "Auto-save
settings..." to manage the auto-saving feature at
run-time. A menu option "Enable auto-saving state"
is added to the "Save/load options" menu group under
"Capture" to toggle auto-saving when the function is
enabled. Likewise, a menu option "Select last auto-
saved slot" is added to the "Select save slot" menu
group (also under "Capture") to switch to the last
auto-saved slot (if any). (Wengier)
The Configuration Tool windows are now scalable, so
that they will no longer look very small in e.g.
full-screen or High DPI modes. (ant_222)
If the -defaultdir option is the only or the last
command-line option and no parameter is specified,
then directory of the primary config file (if any)
becomes the DOSBox-X default directory. (Wengier)
You can now change the current output dynamically
with CONFIG command, e.g. "CONFIG -set output=ttf"
and "CONFIG -set output=default". (Wengier)
The command "KEYB US" will return the DOS codepage
to 437 if current codepage is different. (Wengier)
The setting "output=default" will enable the OpenGL
output for Linux systems if possible. (Wengier)
Fixed the CGA/MCGA/MDA/Hercules-specfic shortcut
function buttons in Mapper Editor, and the screen
colors after exiting from Mapper Editor when using
these machine types in Direct3D output (SDL1 build).
Also fixed the messages in the welcome banner for
these machine types to inform users the new default
shortcuts (Ctrl(+Shift)+[F7/F8]). (Wengier)
Fixed DOS Int21/AH=0x5a "Create temporary file"
function not generating unique files. (Wengier)
Fixed that the current drive goes back to Z drive
when combined unmounts & mounts are used. (Wengier)
Fixed PC-98 keyboard handling of CTRL+A through
CTRL+Z. CTRL+C now works correctly in PC-98 mode.
Fixed crash of Free Pascal compiler with dynamic
core and setting "use dynamic core with paging on =
auto" introduced in the previous version. (Wengier)
Fixed launching Windows programs when the working
directory has no 8.3 filename entry. (Wengier)
Fixed issues with full-screen switch in some cases
when the TrueType font output is enabled. (Wengier)
Fixed an issue in MinGW builds that no data will be
sent to the OPL3Duo board. (DhrBaksteen)
Fixed screen flickering when hovering over the menu
with Direct3D output in the Windows SDL2 build that
was introduced in the last version. (Wengier)
Fixed mounting disk/CD images with long paths from
the "Drive" menu may not work properly. (Wengier)
Fixed that the "Save" button in Configuration Tool
did not save config file in last version. (Wengier)
Integrated SVN commits (Allofich)
r4346: Fix a long-standing crash that occurred
when disconnecting a second joystick after
partially mapping it.
r4344: Add F8 to toggle printable characters on
and off in the debugger.
r4340: Fix behavior when main memory allocation
r4336: Correct an oversight of r4186 when floppy
disks are mounted.
r4330: some big endian improvements and drive_fat
fixes. (jmarsh)
r4320: Report Q-Channel track number in BCD,
meaning it is not converted to binary by the
CD-ROM device driver. Fixes the CD-Player feature
of DOS Navigator 1.51 when playing past track 15.
r4318: Add LOGC debug command to log cs:ip only.

Download: DOSBox-X v0.83.11 (2021/03/01)
Source: Here

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