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EmuCR: FuseFuse v1.6.0 is released. The Free Unix Spectrum Emulator (Fuse) is an emulator of the 1980s home computer and various clones for Unix, Mac OS X and Windows.

- Spectranet emulation
- SpecDrum emulation
- Disciple emulation
- Movie recording to FMF files
- SpeccyBoot emulation
- GTK+ 3 Support
- Many Win32 enhancements
- POK file support
- PZX file read support
- Plus lots of bug fixes

Fuse v1.6.0 Changelog:
– Add TTX2000S emulation
– Experimental PulseAudio sound driver
– Fix activation of joystick and IF2 peripherals when loading a snapshot
– GTK/Win32: New higher resolution keyboard picture on GTK and win32 UIs
– GTK: Add Fuse icon to the about dialog and the main window
– GTK: Load/save binary dialog remembers last values
– GTK 3: Improve moving and sizing Fuse’s window under Wayland
– GTK 3: Fix kempston mouse values on Wayland
– GTK 3: Fix bug when resizing from 2x to 3x
– SDL: Fix crash when using dispmanx backend on the Raspberry Pi
– SDL: Allow forcing fullscreen mode when SDL doesn’t report available screen modes
– WidgetUI: New dialog to load/save binary data
– WidgetUI: Enable HOME and END keys in menus
– WidgetUI: Use monospaced characters on memory browser
– WidgetUI: Fix crash when trying to overwrite read-only files
– Xlib: Try to keep graphic filter when the user resize the window
– Fix display corruption with HQ 3x scaler
– Fix antialiasing effect of AdvMAME3x scaler
– Add 4x, TV 4x, Pal TV 4x and HQ 4x scalers on GTK, SDL, win32 and Xlib UIs
– Allow screenshots with TV 3x, PAL TV and Timex 1.5x scalers
– Various minor bugfixes

Download: Fuse v1.6.0
Source: Here

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