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EmuCR: JSPspEmuJSPspEmu Git (2021/03/21) is released. JSPspEmu is a PSP emulator made using javascript (actually typescript). It will work with any modern browser. Though the first version work only works with Chrome (desktop and android). At this point it can run some demos.

JSPspEmu Git Changelog:
* Small fixes
* Some optimizations and improvements
* Some optimizations and improvements
* Some work to enable strictNullChecks at some point
* Initial sceKernelAllocateFpl implementation
* Add pspmodules_database.ts
* Fix cpu_branch on interpreted + add integration_test task
* Interpreter fixes
* Properly unlock audio
* More work on cpu interpreter
* More work on cpu interpreter
* Initial cpu interpreter
* More work
* More work
* Update CI link
* Disable copy plugin
* Simplify directory structure
* Headless running using node + benchmark
* Run basic tests on NodeJS
* Moved source/ to /
* Remove FileSaver.js
* Do not use * as imports
* Promise2 -> PromiseFast
* Fix sceKernelChangeCurrentThreadAttr
* Update package.json
* First install dependencies
* Update dependencies
* Update .editorconfig
* Use npx instead of yarn?
* Rename main.yml to test.yml
* Create main.yml
* Replace require() calls with import
* Replace require() calls with import
* More work
* Remove old precompiled files
* Modernize typescript

Try online: JSPspEmu Git (2021/03/21)
Source: Here

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