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EmuCR: VvctreVvctre (2021/05/04) is released. Vvctre is a Nintendo 3DS emulator based on Citra.

Vvctre Changelog:
* Fixes and a lot of other changes (no features added/removed)
* Update Dynarmic
* Bump externals/curl from `8228002` to `8b9de77` (#21)
* Bump externals/dynarmic from `6759942` to `795b9be` (#20)
* Bump externals/mbedtls from `23e5f71` to `5b8f4db` (#22)
* Bump externals/imgui/imgui from `89162a0` to `393941c` (#24)
* Bump externals/fmt from `ccf4ccd` to `ed7c432` (#23)

Download: Vvctre (2021/05/04)
Source: Here


  1. The link is dead, and the Github too.
    Any idea how to have the last public version?


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