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EmuCR: EKA2L1 EKA2L1 Git (2021/07/23) is released. EKA2L1 is a Experimental Symbian OS emulator, written in C++ 17. The emulator currently emulates Symbian OS's EKA2 behavior (with planned EKA1 support), and reimplement most of its critical app servers. It can already boot many EKA2's apps and games, with EKA1 being worked on at the moment.

EKA2L1 Git Changelog:
* format: Run clang-format
* qt: Add licensing
* console+debugger: Delete obseletes
* building: Add instructions
* qt/thread: Add command line mounting
* qt/translations: Disable some texts translatable
* qt/mainwindow: Fix compile error on non win32
* crowdin: Update new location
* qt/mainwindow: Don't report auto repeat
* drivers/graphics_ogl: Remove the hardcode filter
* qt: Add mount by zip
* qt/device_install_dialog: Fix typo and rom folder not exist
* android/launcher: Fix compile error
* drivers: Add raw keycode event
* qt: Add full localization support
* kernel/scheduler: Use event to synchronize idle instead of semaphores
* qt/mainwindow: Correct system case sensitive notice code
* android: Convert mask bitmap to mono if available
* tools: Comply with new ROFS system dump API
* qt/thread: Fix reference to non existing queue error
* loader/rofs: Fix ambigious template arguments
* ci: Add qt build
* qt: Add more full buildscripts and only build in desktop
* qt: Add dark theme from ColinDuquesnoy
* qt: Add theme change, cpu pause, cpu backend change and package manager
* qt/cmdhandler: Add set device command and fix other commands
* qt/utils: Add make dialog with checkbox
* services/window: Fix some null accesses
* system: Refactor set_device to restart whole before setting device in manager
* config/app_settings: Add more options
* dispatch/audio: Remove debugging logs
* common/watcher/win32: Do not wait forever for delete
* common/sync: Add count() function to semaphore
* kernel/scheduler: Notify only when it's waiting
* cpu/dyncom: Fix interpreter fetch instruction info corrupt
* common/rgba: Correct byte orders of rgba_to_vec
* qt/settingsdialog: Handle volume and imei set
* qt/displaywidget: Handle mouse events
* dispatcher: Refactor to allow a master volume
* services/bitmap: Allow converting bitmap to mask argb8888
* services/window: Add gray/color determine to convert bpp to display mode
* qt/mainwindow: Make only one settings instance spawned and disable mount on non-supported devices
* drivers/controller: Determine LT and RT buttons
* config: Clamp max audio volume between 0 and 100
* qt: Add settings dialog and binding implementation
* qt/applist: Add search bar and render of SVG/MBM morden icons
* loader: Add svgb decoder
* system/devices: Add get_current_index
* services/applist: Fix reading of 1-byte properties in non-localisable entry
* services/ui/cap/sgc: Change focus callback handle according to window server change
* services/window: Calculate and store last fps
* services/window: Expose init_key_mappings as public
* services/ui/cap: Add method to get separate info of app from window group
* services/fbs: Add more options for convert bitmap to argb8888
* services/applist: Remove drive change callback handle when destroyed
* package: Do not uninstall package when add package registry that already been installed
* kernel/process: Add has_child_process method
* common/buffer: Add write_text virtual method
* kernel/session: Send destruct if the server is hle, ignoring all related environment
* kernel: Clear global data offset on reset
* loader/mif: Add icon type enum
* services/fbs/adapter: Delete dynamic allocated data in gdr adapter destructor
* vfs: Add remove drive change notify
* common/fileutils: Fix data not deleted warning
* config: Add ability to store multiple keybind profiles
* drivers/controller: Add method to get button's names
* drivers/graphics/ogl: Delete shader program handle in destructor
* qt: Add device install, package install cancel, package install drag and drop and mount mmc, recent mount
* qt/main: Set origanization and application name
* qt/applistwidget: Allow reset of the whole list
* qt: Add device install dialog
* package: Add cancel callback to cancel the installation
* qt/thread: Keep trying to initialize until success
* system/devices: Make current device tracking based on the index
* system/install: Readjust the installation progress report to be callback based
* loader:: Readjust the extraction progress report to be callback-based
* common/types: Add cancel callback type
* qt: Add package install and display widget
* drivers/graphics: Add more keycode
* dispatch: Fire screen draw change callbacks when DSA is updated
* package: Make progress update using a callback instead of single atomic
* services/window: Add callback when screen DSA/winserv is updated
* qt: Initial code


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