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Swiss r1123 is released. The swiss army knife of gamecube homebrew. Swiss aims to be the ultimate utility Gamecube homebrew application.

Swiss Changelog:
@9ary committed:
Add an extra argument to dol2gci to set the save file name
@emukidid committed:
Pressing X will take you up a directory
You can now cancel file copying
Don't display a load option if the file type is unknown
Prevent loading of unknown files
@Extrems committed:
Rebuild dol2gci.
Other minor changes.
Update makefile.
Basic GC Loader 2.0.0 support.
Fix false dependency on libfat.
Fix FTP connection.
Fix build with devkitPPC release 39.
Enable file management on FTP/SMB.
Fix .cli/.dcp files on FTP/SMB.
Add ffcc_cli.bin patch from Dolphin.
Fix ARP reply with devkitPPC release 39.
Enable GPT support.
Prepare for 64-bit LBA support.
Add M.2 Loader support.
Change IDE prefix to ATA.
Optimize polling for DRQ on IDE-EXI.
Make kernel selection more robust.
Enable disc read speed emulation for M.2 Loader.
Use breakpoint to protect debug monitor.
Rewrite OSLoMem initialization.
Bundle dol2gci.
Fix execD after f5319aa.
Fix minor issues with DOL apploaders.
Change wording and outright fail for streaming audio titles.
Fix space calculation for 2-4TB disks.
Read banner from TGC.
Support booting TGC files. (slightly broken)
Read BI2 before FST.
Speed up banner loading for Redump NKit images.
Fix memory leak navigating very large directories.
Use bytes as base unit and upgrade to 64 bits.
Hide .mp3 extension.
Avoid modifying disc header.
Copy existing disc header.
Attempt to detect fake SD cards when selecting a GCM/ISO.
Update Redump database.
Add No-Intro database.
Error out on missing or invalid patch files.
Fix ghost progress bars.
Avoid false positive on ISO 9660.

Download: Swiss r1123

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