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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X v0.83.16 (2021/08/01) is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
Release notes for this version:
Added support for extended MS-DOS partitions that
reside in extended partitions. These partitions
can be manually mounted using -o partidx=n where
n is 4 or larger. To assist in partition indexes,
the FAT driver will also print the partition
table to your log file and console when asked to
print debug information. (joncampbell123)
Added dosbox-x.conf options to control VESA BIOS
window size and window granularity. This allows
DOS development to test VESA BIOS support against
SVGA cards that use window sizes and/or window
granularity other than 64KB including older SVGA
hardware by Paradise and Cirrus. Note that use
of these options is intended solely for DOS
development and will break S3 drivers that do not
use the VESA BIOS extensions. (joncampbell123)
Fixed VESA BIOS S3 modelist to match the VBE 1.2
standard modelist properly, including the addition
of modes 0x119-0x11B. (joncampbell123)
Added machine=vesa_oldvbe10 to emulate a VESA
BIOS that follows version 1.0 of the standard.
Specifically, in version 1.0, mode information
like XResolution was OPTIONAL and the VESA BIOS
was allowed not to fill it in since you could
assume the information from the standard video
mode number you applied. This setting emulates
a VESA BIOS that does NOT provide this information,
for testing purposes. Also, machine=vesa_oldvbe is
fixed to never report a LFB, since that was not yet
defined for VBE 1.2. (joncampbell123)
Reorganized Windows installation to 2 installers
installing 32-bit and 64-bit DOSBox-X binaries,
for WinXP+ (all) and Vista+ 64-bit respectively,
reducing the sizes of installers significantly
while adding the SarasaGothicFixed TTF font and
a language selection page for choosing existing
language translations (with new language files
for French and Traditional Chinese). (Wengier)
DOSBox-X will now search for more paths (such as
user config directory and "languages" subfolder)
for loading language files before failing, and
on Linux and macOS platforms will also search for
additional directories such as /Library/Fonts/
(Linux) or /Library/Fonts/ (macOS) for TrueType
fonts when using the TTF output. (Wengier)
DOSBox-X will try to load the SarasaGothicFixed
TTF font when no external TTF font is specified
and a CJK code page detected at start. (Wengier)
Added Shift+Tab shortcut in Debugger to switch to
previous window complimenting existing function of
Tab switching to the next window. (cimarronm)
LH/LOADHIGH command can now load programs into UMB
memory if it is available. Also added "shellhigh"
config option to decide whether to load builtin
command shell to UMB memory (with default setting
of "auto", it is enabled if reported DOS version
is at least 7, similar to MS-DOS 7+). (cimarronm)
HELP command is now an external command appearing
on Z drive rather than an internal shell command
(it is never a DOS internal command). (Wengier)
Command-line options -eraseconf and -erasemapper
will now erase loaded config file and mapper file
respectively and continue, whereas -resetconf and
-resetmapper will erase user config file or user
mapper file and exit as before. (Wengier)
Added menu group "3dfx" in "Video" menu to toggle
the low-level Voodoo card emulation and high-level
Glide emulation at run-time. (Wengier)
Added menu options "Restart DOSBox-X instance" and
"Restart DOSBox-X with language file" in "Main"
menu to reboot the current DOSBox-X instance or
reboot the DOSBox-X instance with the specified
language file automatically. (Wengier)
Added menu options "Show code overview" and "Show
logging text" in "Debug" menu to show the overview
of the current code and the output of DOSBox-X's
current logging text in debug builds. (Wengier)
Added config option "customcodepage" in the [dos]
section to allow a custom code page, in the format
"customcodepage=nnn,codepagefile" in TrueType font
(TTF) output. CHCP command also supports additional
parameter to specify a code page file. Also added
builtin support for code pages 1250-1258. (Wengier)
Added config option "transparency" in [sdl] section
to change the DOSBox-X window transparency (from 0
to 90, low to high transparency) on the Linux/macOS
SDL2 and Windows platforms. (Wengier)
Added config option "hidenonpresentable" in [dos]
section to toggle whether to filter out file names
on local drives that are non-representative in
current code page. (Wengier)
Added config options "pc-98 try font rom" and
"pc-98 anex86 font" for the PC-98 emulation to
customize the font file to load. If former option
is set to "false", then DOSbox-X will not try to
load FONT.ROM first for PC-98, and latter option
specifies an Anex86-compatible font to load for
PC-98 (before trying FREECG98.BMP). (Wengier)
Added support for composite support for PCjr mode
by porting patch from NewRisingSun. (Wengier)
Non-Japanese DOS/V systems will now use 19-pixel
VGA fonts rather than 16-pixel VGA fonts for SBCS
characters to look better. (Wengier)
You can now also load HZK14/HZK16 font files (for
14- and 16-pixel height) and STDFONT.15 font file
via the "fontxdbcs" and "fontxdbcs14" options for
Simplified Chinese DOS/V (dosv=cn) and Traditional
Chinese DOS/V (dosv=tw) emulations. (Wengier)
Improved the DOS/V font acquisition function on
the Linux platform (both SDL1 & SDL2), such as
adding support for 14-pixel height fonts (used by
Configuration Tool & Mapper Editor), and enhancing
support for Chinese characters acquisition (e.g.
WenQuanYi support for the Traditional Chinese). A
config option "getsysfont" is added which when set
to "false" will disable the font acquisition on
Windows and Linux platforms. (Wengier & nanshiki)
Implemented support for inputing CJK characters
on Linux SDL1 builds using Linux system IMEs. Code
imported from SDL-IM-plus by nanshiki and confirmed
to work on Linux/X11 platform by him.
Added support for inputing Japanese and Korean
characters using system input method (IME) using
the default "windib" video driver in Windows SDL1
build (in addition to "directx" driver). (nanshiki)
Fixed CJK characters not showing correctly for the
SDL-drawn menu with OpenGL outputs if "language"
config option is used instead of -lang command-line
option. Thank nanshiki for catching this. (Wengier)
Fixed setting "machine=amstrad" cause DOSBox-X to
crash on non-Windows platforms. (cimarronm)
Fixed bug related to DBCS vector table. (nanshiki)
Fixed running e.g. built-in DEBUG command from a
drive other than Z may not work. (cimarronm)
Fixed the command "FOR %I ..." not working when
executed from the command line. (Wengier)
For audio/video recording, DOSBox-X will display
a message box showing the saved file name when the
recording has been completed. (Wengier)
Mapper Editor will try to show the actual mod keys
for mod1/mod2/mod3 when clicked. (Wengier)
Removed the special DOS function at Int21h/AH=2B/
CX=0x4442h/DX=0x2D58h in favor of the DOSBox-X
Integration Device at I/O ports 28h-2Bh which works
for both integrated DOS and guest OS environments.
Enabled MT-32 emulation on ARM-based Mac OS X
builds (joncampbell123)
For Configuration Tool, ensure mouse coordinates
are adjusted accordingly with forced scaler. (aybe)
Fixed a bug in the Int21/AH=36h (get disk space)
function for returning very large CX values, and
that non-zero values are returned when the free
space is 0 on mounted local drives. (Wengier)
Fixed "FILES" always fixed to 200 as reported by
the "DOSINFO" tool, in spite of "files" setting in
[config] section of the config file. (Wengier)
Refined the handling of international keyboards and
fixed some issues in version 0.83.15. (maron2000)
Fixed initialization order that prevented Bochs
port E9h emulation from working. (joncampbell123)
Fixed menu options in system menu not working in
Windows SDL1 builds with "windib" driver. (Wengier)
Fixed issue that the mouse cursor not showing in
the game "Power Dolls". (Wengier)
Fixed non-English accents may not show correctly
with a SBCS code page in TrueType Font (TTF) output
(introduced in version 0.83.15). (Wengier)
Fixed line endings for SBCS language files such as
English and Spanish translations. (Wengier)
Fixed resetting the TTF screen when exiting from
Configuration Tool or Mapper Editor when TrueType
font (TTF) output is active. (Wengier)
Fixed the option "drive z expand path" not working
if Virtual Drive Z: has been moved to a different
drive letter (e.g. Drive Y:). (Wengier)

Download: DOSBox-X v0.83.16 (2021/08/01)
Source: Here

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