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EmuCR NanoBoyAdvanceNanoBoyAdvance Git (2021/09/13) is compiled. NanoboyAdvance is a Nintendo Game Boy Advance (TM) emulator written in C++17. The goal is to create a minimal, accurate and reasonably efficient Game Boy Advance emulator in modern C++. The emulator implements the core hardware completely and with high accuracy. Almost all games can be emulated without any known issues, even the 'Classic NES' titles which abuse a variety of edge-cases and undefined behaviour.

Nanoboyadvance Git changelog:
* README: specify GPL version
* Merge pull request #174 from fleroviux/libnba
* README: link to the accuracy table
* Docs: create accuracy table
* README: correct a typo in the copyright section
* README: add legal information
* Docs: resize screenshot to half the size
* Docs: update compilation guide
* Docs: update screenshot
* README: update documentation
* libnba: CoreBase Attach(bios) and Run(cycles) should be abstract
* libnba: Add default virtual destructor to CoreBase
* Attempt to fix the CI build
* libnba: Move source files in hw/ into subfolders (2)
* libnba: Move source files in hw/ into subfolders
* Cleanup include directives
* libnba: Move remaining common code to the include/nba/common folder
* libnba: Split core.hpp into header and source files
* libnba: Remove emulator/core subdirectory
* libnba: Move cartridge folder to hw/rom
* libnba: Move Emulator class into a separate library.
* libnba: Replace CPU class with new Core class
* libnba: rename GamePak to ROM and make public
* libnba: Make GPIO class public
* libnba: Expose backup memory to the public interface
* Log: fix implicit conversion in if-constexpr condition.
* Common: cleanup DSP library
* Common: rework Logger code
* Bus: initialize WAITCNT, HALTCNT, RCNT and POSTFLG on reset
* Minor cleanup
* MP2K: properly validate wave data size
* Make the MP2K HLE feature work again.
* Bus: fix a typo in a TODO item
* PPU: OBJ tile number should wrap around (fixes #173)
* Bus: SRAM access does not need to check access type or page.
* Bus: prefetch does not work for data accesses at all.
* Bus: better emulate prefetch behavior on ROM writes or SRAM accesses
* Bus: ROM writes should not call Prefetch(address, cycles)
* Merge branch 'libnba' of github.com:fleroviux/NanoBoyAdvance into libnba
* Game Pak: fix condition for EEPROM mask
* Bus: remove redundant page boundary checks on SRAM/FLASH accesses
* Bus: cleanup ReadBIOS() a bit (2)
* Bus: cleanup ReadBIOS() a bit
* CPU: do not inherit ARM7TDMI class
* CPU: remove unused memory struct
* Remove messy, incomplete serial stub
* CPU: remove more dead code
* CPU: move Keypad logic into a separate class
* Move POSTFLG into Bus class
* Bus: make WAITCNT a bit more compact.
* Bus\IO: WAITCNT.cgb should be readable and non-writable.
* Move HALTCTL and WAITCTL MMIO into Bus class
* Bus: remove unused Prefetch::rom_code_access
* Bus: fix inverted ReadOpenBus() alignment check for BIOS, OAM and IWRAM
* Bus: cleanup open bus code again (sigh)
* GPIO: move IRQ reference to RTC class and remove Scheduler reference
* Remove redundant cpu-mmio.hpp file
* ARM: remove MemoryBase base class
* Bus: force-align address on open bus read
* Bus: cleanup open bus code slightly
* Bus: optimise address force-alignment
* Bus: SRAM access should not start a burst-transfer.
* Bus: cleanup waitstate code a bit (2)
* Bus: cleanup waitstate code a bit
* Bus: remove PrefetchStepRAM
* Bus: rewrite prefetch buffer to be simpler and more logical
* Remove unused code from CPU class
* Bus: implement prefetch buffer
* Begin to remove common namespace
* Cleanup
* Bus: cleanup timing code a bit.
* Bus: restore waitstate code
* Cleanup
* Keep some IO in the CPU class for now.
* Begin separating the bus into a separate class.
* CPU: ROM read through the prefetch buffer should not abort an active prefetch.
* Scheduler: Add(u64, T*, EventMethod) should return event pointer.
* Build SDL2 frontend
* Add Emulator class to public interface
* Make config header public
* Make device and integer type headers public.
* Ignore .DS_Store files
* Delete .DS_Store files
* Begin refactor of project structure

In order to run NanoboyAdvance you will need a BIOS file. You can either dump your own or get an open source replacement online (https://github.com/Nebuleon/ReGBA/blob/master/bios/gba_bios.bin). The BIOS file must be placed as bios.bin in the same folder as the executable. However keep in mind, that a replacement BIOS will not be as accurate as the original one.

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