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EmuCR: PCSX-ReduxPCSX-Redux Git (2021/09/06) is compiled. This is yet another fork of the Playstation Emulator, PCSX. While the work here is very much in progress, the goal is roughly the following: Bring the codebase to more up to date code standards. Get rid of the plugin system and create a single monolithic codebase that handles all aspects of the playstation emulation. Write everything on top of SDL/OpenGL3+/ImGui for portability and readability. Improve the debugging experience. Improve the rendering experience.

PCSX-Redux Changelog::
* Merge pull request #597 from grumpycoders/chores-i18n
* [Chores] Regen i18n
* Merge pull request #598 from grumpycoders/chores-code-format
* [Chores] Format code
* Merge pull request #370 from nicolasnoble/tiny-shell
* Forgot the Makefile change for blip.hit.
* Adding Fastboot openbios build.
* Adding sound, tweaking delays, fixing PCSX bug.
* Fixing voice volume.
* GPU code works on real hardware now.
* Slightly better state machine..
* Fixing cdrom code for real hardware.
* Proper quad draw order.
* Merge branch 'main' of https://github.com/grumpycoders/pcsx-redux into tiny-shell
* Merge branch 'main' of github.com:grumpycoders/pcsx-redux into tiny-shell
* Merge branch 'main' of github.com:grumpycoders/pcsx-redux into tiny-shell
* Insisting a bit more before jumping into error state.
* Slowing down outro.
* Factorizing code, and using more constants.
* Animation tweaks and fixes.
* Some animation tweaks.
* Fixing bios build.
* cdrom sequence finished.
* Adding some messaging in the cdrom code.
* Better lerps, and work-in-progress cdrom state machine.
* Lerp all the things
* A bit more generic code, and preparation for SPU/CD
* Using slightly less hardcoded values.
* Fully disabling IRQ and adding idle callback.
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/main' into tiny-shell
* Abstracting between PAL and NTSC.
* Adding the modplayer to the shell
* Merge branch 'main' into tiny-shell
* Trying in 640x480.
* Sorting static model's quads.
* Bug fixes, cleanup, and adjustments.
* Animation completed
* Tweaks
* Tiny shell

PCSX-Redux Git (2021/09/06) x64 : 1fichier anonfiles bayfiles dailyuploads megaup mixdrop send tusfiles uptobox zippyshare

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