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EmuCR: ZEsarUXZEsarUX v10.0 RC is released. ZEsarUX is a ZX Machines Emulator for Unix, including: ZX Spectrum ; ZX-Uno ; ZX80 ; ZX81 ; Z88 ; Jupiter Ace ; Chloe 140 SE, Chloe 280 SE ; Prism ; Timex TS 2068 ; Amstrad CPC 464. ZEsarUX is Open-Source and runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

ZEsarUX Features:
* Runs on any Unix system and Windows: tested on Linux x86, Linux x86_64, Linux Raspbian, Mac OS X, Windows native, Windows + Cygwin
* Science of Cambridge MK14
* Sinclair ZX80
* Sinclair ZX81
* Spectrum models: 16k, 48k (English and Spanish), Inves Spectrum +, Spectrum 128k (English and Spanish), Spectrum +2 (English, Spanish and French), Spectrum +2A (English and Spanish), Spectrum +3 (English and Spanish), Microdigital TK90X (Portuguese and Spanish), TK95
* Sinclair QL
* Cambridge Z88
* Timex TS 2068
* Sam Coupe
* Chloe 140 SE, 280 SE
* ZX-Evolution BaseConf
* ZX-Evolution TS-Conf
* TBBlue/ZX Spectrum Next
* Jupiter Ace
* Amstrad CPC 464
* Is the only emulator for machines: ZX-Uno, Chloe 140/280, Prism, TBBlue and Chrome
* Almost perfect emulation of timing of all Spectrum machines
* Supports undocumented Z80 flags, features, and MEMPTR register
* Supports idle bus port, contended memory, ULA early/late timings
* Supports Motorola CPU 68008 (Sinclair QL)
* Supports SC/MP CPU - INS8060 (MK14)
* Supports Pentagon timing
* Supports perfect ZX Spectrum 16k/48k colour palette
* Supports ULAplus: Standard 64 colour palette, linear modes with 16 colours per pixel: Radastan Mode: 128x96, ZEsarUX modes: 256x96, 128x192, 256x192
* Supports Chroma81 ZX81 Colour mode
* Supports Spectra Video Modes
* Supports Timex Video modes (Mode 0 standard, 1 dual screen, 2 hires colour 8x1, 6 512x192 monochrome)
* Supports All Video modes from Prism machine
* Supports ZGX Sprite Chip
* Supports snow effect on Spectrum models
* Supports interlaced, scanlines and Gigascreen effects
* Supports hi-res modes on ZX Spectrum (rainbow effects and others) and ZX80/ZX81 (UDG, CHR$128, WRX, HRG and some other hi-res modes)
* Supports reducing the screen to 192x144 (0.75 scale)
* Can be used with joystick and environments without keyboard, like Raspiboy / Retropie
* Emulates all the oddities of the Inves Spectrum +: 64 KB RAM, RAM initialization with FF00H pattern, OUT ula AND RAM, EAR and MIC XOR, no contended memory, snow in border, colour ula delay, interrupt starts at end of top border (not at the beginning of the border), corrupt memory on every interrupt, no idle bus
* Uses Video drivers: X-Windows, SDL, Cocoa (Mac OS X), Framebuffer, ncurses, aalib, cacalib, stdout(console), simpletext(console)
* Uses Audio Drivers: PulseAudio, Alsa, SDL, DSP(OSS), CoreAudio (Mac OS X).
* Supports dumping audio & video to file
* Supports real tape loading of file formats: RWA, SMP, WAV, TZX, CDT, TAP, P, O. It handles loading of turbo load tapes or any type of tape loading for standard/non standard loading routines
* Handles binary tape format files (TAP, TZX, O, P, CDT) on standard BASIC ROM routines for ZX Spectrum, ZX80, ZX81, Jupiter Ace
* Handles real audio loading (RWA, SMP, WAV) on standard BASIC ROM routines for ZX Spectrum, ZX80, ZX81, Amstrad CPC, Jupiter Ace
* Simulates real tape loading on standard BASIC ROM routines for ZX Spectrum, ZX80, ZX81
* Handles snapshot format: ZSF, ZX, Z80, SP, SPG, SNA (loading only), P, O, Z81 (loading only), ACE
* Handles RZX playback
* Emulates Multiface One, 128 and Three
* Handles DCK Timex dock cartridges
* Emulates +3 Disk
* Emulates Betadisk/TR-DOS
* Emulates ZX Spectrum MMC Interfaces: ZXMMC, DivMMC
* Emulates ZX Spectrum IDE Interface: DivIDE, 8-bit simple
* Emulates Sam Coupe IDE Interface: Atom Lite
* Emulates ZXPand MMC Interface on ZX80 and ZX81
* Emulates ZX Dandanator! Mini
* Emulates Speccy Superupgrade
* Emulates Kartusho
* Handles RAM, EPROM, Intel Flash and Hybrid (RAM+EPROM) cards on Z88
* Handles compressed formats zip, tar, rar, gz through external utilities
* Supports AY Chip, Turbosound (2 AY Channels), 3 AY Channels, different DAC: Specdrum, Covox
* Supports Quicksilva, ZON-X81, and VSYNC-based sound on ZX80/81
* Supports Speaker and Soundbox sound on Jupiter Ace
* Experimental simulation of the Sam Coupe Audio Chip (SAA1099)
* Supports RAM packs on ZX80/81 up to 56 KB
* Supports RAM packs on Jupiter Ace up to 35 KB
* Joystick emulation with real joystick (on Linux) and keyboard cursors: Kempston, Sinclair 1&2, Cursor Joystick, Cursor & Shift, OPQA, Fuller, Zebra, Mikro-Gen, ZXPand. Autofire function also
* On Screen keyboard useful when playing with joystick
* Emulates Spectrum keyboard ghosting error feature
* ZX Spectrum Recreated keyboard support
* Supports native turbo modes on ZX-Uno, Chloe, Prism and TBBlue and manual for other machines
* ZX Printer emulation
* Lightgun emulation: Almost perfect emulation of Gunstick from MHT Ingenieros S.L and experimental emulation of Magnum Light Phaser
* Kempston mouse emulation
* Supports Input spool text file to simulate keyboard press
* Supports reading Pokes from .POK files
* Supports playing .AY sound files
* Supports ZEsarUX remote command protocol (ZRCP). You can do enhanced debugging on ZEsarUX by using a telnet client.
* Can use a reduced Spectrum core, with some features disables, useful on slow devices, like Raspberry Pi 1/Zero
* Powerful debug features: Registers, Dissassemble, Conditional Breakpoints using text expressions, Watches, Step-to-step, Step-over, Runto, Show TV electron position, Load source code, Hexadecimal Dump, View Sprites, Find byte (useful to find POKEs), CPU Transaction log, View BASIC, verbose messages on console
* Accessibility support: Print char traps allows to capture generated text from almost any program or game, using standard ROM calls (RST 10H) or even non standard print character rutines. Can send generated text from a game to a text-to-speech program. It's ready for text to speech support for blind or visually impaired people. Menu emulator can be also read by a text-to-speech program.
* Simulates upper RAM memory refresh on Spectrum 48Kb, losing its contents when changing R register very quickly
* Supports command line settings, configuration file settings and per-game configuration settings
* Other features: Visualmem menu, CPU Statistics
* Includes three easter eggs: Can you find them? :)

ZEsarUX changelog:
Added Sega Master System emulation
Added .sms file viewer
Added midi output and .mid support for QL and SN audio chips (Master System, SG1000, etc)
Added Automatic Snapshots to RAM + Rewind feature
Added new improved real tape loading algorithm
Added setting to disable TZX pauses
Added zsf to scr support for Next, ZX-Uno and TSConf snapshots
Added Jupiter Ace 51 KB RAM emulation
Added GUI styles: BeOS, Bloody, Grass, Ocean, Sunny, Panther, Sky
Added Fuzix ide image on the zesarux-extras package
Added ZSF snapshot support for Jupiter Ace, Z88
Added --slotcard-num setting to insert a Z88 card in a numbered slot (1, 2 or 3)
Added ZRCP command mmc-reload to reload MMC image
Added ZEsarUX logo on the window footer
Added setting to disable ZX80/81 tape traps
Added wav/rwa/smp tape audio browser, to view Spectrum/ZX80/ZX81 tape blocks from audio file
Added Visual Real Tape. Now you can have an audio render of your tape, see tape blocks and rewind or move forward the cassette player
Added menu language selection between default (English) and Spanish. Only some texts are translated to Spanish
Added file converters:
wav/rwa/smp to tap
wav/rwa/smp to p
wav/rwa/smp to o
rwa to wav
Improved Debug CPU Window:
-Added backwards debugging, backwards run
-Added cpu history menu to see registers in the past (same as you already had on ZRCP)
-Mouse accions: click (toggle breakpoint, change registers), scrolling up/down by using the mouse wheel
-Improve window refresh when pressing keys on non-step mode
-Preserve step mode when assembling
-Added new key to set PC=PTR
-Added new key to go to next breakpoint type PC=dir
-Allow to define up to 100 breakpoints (same that you could define using ZRCP)
Improved Debugging:
-Can now browse Basic variables on ZX Spectrum, ZX81 and ZX80
-Added setting to show location address of every basic line on menu View Basic
-Added Window View Sensors to graph internal emulation sensors, performance, statistics, etc
-Added command line setting to load source code
Improved ZX Vision menu interface:
-Machine manufacturer list is now sorted by name (instead of some kind of mixed age and type)
-Real tape icon now is animated when playing tape
-Added actions for reinsert, rewind, ffwd real tape
-Reorganized GUI Settings and Window Settings menu: "GUI Settings" menu is now called "ZX Vision Settings", "Window Settings" menu is now called "General settings"
-Allow customize upper buttons to actions
-Added setting to pause cpu emulation on menu when multitask active
-Added Degraded ZX Desktop Fill Type
-Added button on footer to switch ZX Desktop
-Added Accessibility->GUI settings as a quick way to enable some GUI enhancements: high contrast style, hotkeys, etc
-Show in file selector when a file can be expanded
-Improved screen file previews: any file size of 6912 bytes is guessed as Spectrum screen
-Maximizing windows now take care of size of ZX Desktop, when setting "Open menu on ZX Desktop" is enabled
-Handle when pressing a window when menu closed
-Added item to reduce+rearrange windows
-Added some graphical meters on AY Registers, Core Statistics
-Colour palette window now shows all colours that fit in the window
-View sprite legend now adapts to size
-Added setting to disable boxes around lower and upper ZX Desktop Buttons
-Added support for accentuated characters
Improved Next emulation:
-Turbo setting: make it by default limited on NextZXOS
-ZSF snapshots include all info from port 123b (previous TBBlue .zsf snapshots are incompatible with this version, sorry!)
-Added a splash message when changing Layer 2 modes
Improved Text Aventure Features:
-Improved detection of Daad aventures on debugging
-Now you can render any image from a Speccy Text Adventure (supported parsers: Quill, Paws, Daad, Gac)
-Now you can use a text speech script which can translate text from the game and show the translated text on ZEsarUX window
Improved Find menu: now can find several bytes and open Hexadecimal Editor on the results list
Improved Audio to .mid exporter: allow changing instrument
Improved configuration file: increased maximum allowed size to 256kb and 2000 parameters
Fixed file previews on corrupted files: pzx, tap
Fixed rearranging windows and using total window height
Fixed Next ULA Scroll to use registers 0x26 and 0x27
Fixed Next tbblue port 123b behaviour: 48kb ram paging, shadow display, 3bit offset, read access
Fixed cpu-step behaviour the first time it's executed
Fixed cursor keys up/down on Jupiter Ace
Fixed --help and --experthelp settings: do not parse configuration file when showing help
Fixed autoload on spectrum 48k+ spanish
Fixed loading ZX80/81 Snapshots/Tapes when filename has more than one extension
Fixed wave shape type "Scroll" on View WaveForm
Some other minor bugfixes and improvements

Download: ZEsarUX v10.0 RC
Source: Here

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