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EmuCR: MedGui RebornMedGui Reborn v0.118 is released. MedGui is a GUI (Frontend) for Mednafen WINDOW OS.

MedGui Reborn v0.118 Changelog:
Fixed boxart batch downloader
Removed Freenode from MedClient autoconnection window and added irc.oftc.net
Fixed a crash on clone function when you select Desktop as path
Fixed crash on clone file due to unsupported chars
Added progress bar to clone file operation
Increased the rom size detection for (Megadrive) bin file to 16000000 Byte
Added all new parameters introduced in Mednafen v.1.28.0 Unstable
Added support for .zst file (this file will be managed as generic file without game console detection)
Added support for .zip and .7z file compressed with Zstd format (this containers format will be managed as ususal with game console detection)
Added native support for loading CD images from .zip or .zst archives by Mednafen, enabling "cd.image_memcache 1" parameter in Mednafen config file or by GUI
(This file will be managed as generic file without game console detection and can't be prescanned)
MedGuiR now use .ico file instead .gif to show console icon into the rom list, seem that improve the games list loading and reduce drastically the memory usage
Fixed any sparsed bugs (I hope)

EmuCR: MedGui Reborn

Download: MedGui Reborn v0.118
Source: Here

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