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EmuCR:Virtual JaguarVirtual Jaguar Rx R5 is released. Ported by SDLEMU (Niels Wagenaar & Carwin Jones) and is based upon the
original work by David Raingeard of Potato Emulation. Virtual Jaguar is an open source emulator based on Jagem (Virtual Jaguar) for Linux, MacOS X, and Windows.

Virtual Jaguar Changelog:
Specific breakpoints for M68000 exceptions and in case of a rom writes at an unknown location.
Added a HW registers browser window for the Blitter.
Fixes for the Linux platform.
Stability & improvements for the debugger mode.
Added two M68000 cycles counters in the status window.
M68000 & C tracing, step in and step over, at source code level.
Show the SR value as a readable form in the M68000 CPU browser.

Download: Virtual Jaguar Rx R5
Source: Here

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