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ACID 64 Player v4.1.1 is released. ACID 64 Player is a cycle based Commodore 64 music player designed for playing SID tunes on external interfaces that emulate the sound of the SID chip or that consist of a hardware device that has a real SID chip (6581/8580) on board. ACID 64 emulates the MOS 6510 micro processor, the 6526 CIA chip and partially the 6569 VIC chip to run the code of a SID tune and it controls the SID chip on the device for playing Commodore 64 music.

ACID 64 Player v4.1.1 Changelog:
Seek time indicator was not correctly positioned
Last tune is now loaded after device becomes visible and device was not present during startup
Setup file size decreased

Download: ACID 64 Player v4.1.1
Source: Here

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