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SNES SPC700 Player v2.19.1 (build 7540) is released. The SNES SPC700 Player is a simple SPC player. The SNES SPC700 Player is a software for playing Super NES (SNES) music files (SPC) on your PC. Based on SNESAPU.DLL v2.0 which has a reputation for sound quality, includes some features of v3.0 and proprietary enhancements, and fixes many bugs. This software has a lot of features for playing SPC, but is understated visual, therefore suitable for background playback.

High quority sound, 32-bits floating-point mixing, and crackle-noise canceller.
Liner, cubic, gaussian, and sinc interporation.
Change tone pitch (every semitone, -6 ~ +6), and play speed (1% ~ 800%).
Mute, and force noise each channel.
Same low-pass filter as in actual.
BASS boost.
Force disable DSP options (surround, echo, pitch modulation, pitch bend, FIR, envelope, and noise).
Graphic indicator, SPC700 and DSP registers viewer.
Fast seek (especially rewind).
A variety of repeat methods (single, loop all, random, shuffle, A-B repeat).
Script700 compatible engine.
No need to install a another runtime and framework.
Not save in system registry, so simply delete application's files to uninstall.
Simple and compact design.

SNES SPC700 Player v2.19.1 (build 7540) Changelog:
[BUG] #40 The default file name in the "SAVE" dialog has been changed to always be the SPC file name. (Thanks! @GodGnilda )
[BUG] #37 An internal overflow occurs for a specific FIR coefficeints (additional modifications).
[BUG] #38 If DR changes in the middle of DECAY, and DR is higher than current envelope value, accidentally go into SUSTAIN. (Thanks! @brickblock369 )
[BUG] #39 If specify a length of about 87 seconds or more in "len" parameter of EmuAPU, emulation is skipped because an internal overflow occurs. (Thanks! @GodGnilda )
Nothing particular changes.

Download: SNES SPC700 Player v2.19.1 (build 7540)
Source: Here

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