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ChiCLI v1.04 is released. A CLI for Commodore Computers! A Commodore 64 command line interface terminal, inspired by: AmigaDOS, MS-DOS, and Linux.

yuzu Git Changelog:
Added: Essential support for the IDE64! Also supports the real-time clock functions, and the driveset command! Note: Partitions are not yet supported as well as other advanced features of the IDE64. Look out for future updates!
Added: A ide64 command. There are only two options at the moment: "ide64 -wp" which turns on write-protection and "ide64 -we" which write-enables the drive.
Added: I wrote functions to wait one second and another to wait one decisecond to create delays that don't use CPU cycles as the timing method, so fast C64's still work.
Added: Support for SuperCPU and Ultimate 64! Now things don't hang on fast systems. Also, the SuperCPU is automatically disabled and enabled for DOS disk operations. Without this, fast systems screw up the kernal routines that expect exact timing based on the C64's default CPU 6502 1 MHz speed.
Added: A new speed command, which shows the estimated speed of the CPU in MHz. It also shows the number of raster scan lines it takes for running it's NOP payload. For PAL systems, this is a little less accurate on the C128, but it's close enough. I don't have any real life PAL machines to test with. This gets less accurate on shenanigan setups :-P that run faster than 20 MHz like the Ultimate 64. Who needs a 40 MHz Commodore 64? This is out-of-control. At some point I'll get a Turbo Chameleon 64 for future refinements since I can't find or afford a real SuperCPU and it's ridiculous eBay prices!
Added: Support for CMD heads that like using the back arrow for moving up a directory. Like this: "cd←".
Fixed: The re-written cd command needs to send the cd DOS command even if the current drive isn't known to explicitly support it. This should help with custom SD2IEC firmware.
Fixed: The ./ command used to exit the program when no file name was given. Now it gives an error when you don't give it a file name to execute.
Fixed: Some devices are sensitive to the amount of time they are given to reset. I've added an additional decisecond delay to the drive reset command.
Updated: The sysinfo command, which now displays the current estimated speed in MHz using the speed command. For the C128, it shows it's maximum speed, even though ChiCLI runs at regular 1 MHz speed.
Updated: The sysinfo command, which now detects and displays the WDC 65816 cpu.
Updated: The basic keywords array is now only as big as the text needs, through an array of pointers to strings. This saved about 111 bytes!
Updated: The list command to use only KB even with decimal. For example it now lists 0.25 KB instead of 256 B. So now you can use VICE with a listing and copy and paste the text into a spreadsheet and all the file sizes are in the same unit of measurement.
Added: More space to support all this new stuff! I can't believe how, with every version, I run out of room. But then somehow I find another trick to free up some space. But that's why I use C Programming and not assembly. I want to get better at writing tight C code. I had to reduce the amount of aliases from 8 to 7 for now, but in a future I'll bring this back to 8.

Download: ChiCLI v1.04
Source: Here

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