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pEMU v5.1 is released. pEMU is a suite of multiple emulators running on the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. pNES (portable NES) is a NES emulator based on Nestopia. pSNES (portable SNES) is a Super NES emulator based on Snes9x. Pfbneo (portable fbNeo) is an “Arcade” emulator based on FinalBurn Neo(supports a bunch of old school systems such as Neo Geo pocket, PC Engine, Megadrive/Genesis, GameGear, Arcade,…).

pEMU v5.1 Changelog:
pfbneo: fix some games (sfiii2,...) and megadrive system (sf2,...)
pfbneo: fix video reinit code (mainly used by megadrive games)
pfbneo: update gamelist.xml (fix mslug hacks system set as atomiswave, some clones, hacks and hb...)
pfbneo: fix tg16 system id
pfbneo: add/fix diagnostic and reset keys (press start 3 secondes for diag, coin 3 secondes for reset)
pfbneo: fix Victory (Comsoft) system
pfbneo: major input refactor (fix mortal kombat, outrun, etc...)
pfbneo: handle fire6/fire7 (L2/R2) buttons
pfbneo: use integers when possible for game list filtering (speed up system filtering)
pfbneo: fix some flipped games orientation (comad..)
pfbneo: use hiscore.dat from romfs
pfbneo: remove audio sync option (automatically enabled when force 60hz option is disabled)
pfbneo (switch): fix/invert fire buttons
psnes: fix 50hz audio
psnes (switch): update skins textures
pnes: update gamelist.xml
pnes: fix paths (for NstDatabase.xml, etc...)
pnes: always force audio sync
pnes: use romfs for NstDatabase.xml
pnes: update nestopia to latest git revision (c103378)
pnes: fix states menu
pnes (ps4): fix datadir
pnes/psnes: disable auto aspect ratio scaling mode
pnes/psnes: improve scaling
common: improve audio code/quality
common: use zip names by default for rom listing
common: fix per emulator config override
common: fix L/R system switch on non fbneo cores
common: fix messagebox title width
common: add status box for info messages, add very few tips
common: use point filtering for fonts
common: correctly handle games aspect ratio
common: add scaling mode option (auto/aspect/integer)
switch: change menus buttons to L/R, fire 5/6 to ZL/ZR
switch: fix slow (roms) loading at startup
switch: fix for latest devkitpro changes
switch: fix some shaders
ps4: fix a lot of crashing games (memory fix)
ps4: enable video previews
ps4: fix default inputs configuration (L STICK for start, R STICK for coins, etc..)

Download: pEMU v5.1

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