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EmuCR: Atari800Atari800 v5.0.0 is released. Atari800 is an Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200 emulator for Unix, Amiga, MS-DOS, Atari TT/Falcon, SDL and WinCE.

Atari800 v5.0.0 Changelog:
New features:
AVI video recording (Alt+V hotkey) by Rob McMullen
-vcodec command line arg can select video codec
-aname and -vname CL args set patterns for sound and video recording
-horiz-area & -vert-area command line args for controlling the image area
-showstats (and -no-showstats) CL args and related config file param
-compression-level for configuring PNG and ZMBV compression
MP3 audio and other audio codecs for audio recording (Alt+W hotkey)
-acodec can select audio codec
New cartridge types supported:
71: Super Cart 64 KB 5200 cartridge (32K banks)
72: Super Cart 128 KB 5200 cartridge (32K banks)
73: Super Cart 256 KB 5200 cartridge (32K banks)
74: Super Cart 512 KB 5200 cartridge (32K banks)
75: Atarimax 1 MB Flash cartridge (new)
See DOC/cart.txt for details.
support for remapping of all function keys (START, SELECT, OPTION etc)
support for comments in config file
tool for creating cart files from ROM files
support for 64-512K Atari 5200 bank-switchable carts with Bryan's design
support for the alternate variant of MaxFlash 1 MB.
support for single RaspberryPi OS package with HW specific binaries
video triple buffering changed to double buffering
fixed #74 by using proper getcwd()
gamma values in NTSC filter presets updated
MacOS build enables R: by default
fixed saving of config file
using zlib-provided crc32 if HAVE_LIBZ is defined (#72)
Altirra OS updated to v3.28
renamed "Switchable 5200" cartridges to "Super Cart"
fixed segfault when a 5200 Super Cart cartridge is removed
avoided unnecessary memory copying of 5200 Super Carts
fixed #88 issue in opening a cartridge
BUILD instructions and new README for Android
fixed segfault when exiting monitor
fixed BBSB's lift not working
avoided unnecessary memory copying in Bounty Bob cartridges
allow configuring --with-audio=win in non-DirectX targets
allow configuring --with-audio=sdl and --with-video <> sdl
atari_x11.c: don't auto-repeat the 'screenshot' key
build compatible with dash

Download: Atari800 v5.0.0
Source: Here

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