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ColecoDS v7.3 is released. ColecoDS is a Colecovision, ADAM, MSX1, Sord-M5, Memotech MTX, Spectravision SVI and SG-1000/SC-3000 for the Nintedo DS/DSi. To run requires a coleco.rom BIOS to be in the same directory as the emulator or else in /roms/bios or /data/bios.

ColecoDS Features: Colecovision game support (.rom or .col files)
Super Game Module support including AY sound chip.
Megacart Bankswitching support (up to 512K).
Coleco ADAM game support (.ddp or .dsk files)
Sega SG-1000 game support (.sg roms)
Sega SC-3000 game support (.sc roms)
Sord M5 game support (.m5 roms) - requires sordm5.rom BIOS
Spectravideo SVI support (.cas) - requires svi.rom BIOS
MSX1 game support (.msx or .rom or.cas) up to 512K
Memotech MTX game support (.mtx or .run) - single loader games only.
Full Controller button mapping and touch-screen input.
High-Score support - 10 scores per game.
Save/Load Game State (one slot).
Video Blend Mode (see below) and Vertical Sync.
LCD Screen Swap (press and hold L+R+X during gameplay).
Overlay support for the few games that need them.
Super Action Controller, Spinner and Roller Controller (Trackball) mapping.
Full speed, full sound and full frame-rate even on older hardware.

ColecoDS Changelog:
Massive optimization of the VDP core and memory handling so we are now almost 35% faster on Colecovision games and more than 10% faster on all other systems.
Due to these optmizations, the DrZ80 core has been removed and only the high-compatibility CZ80 core remains.

Download: ColecoDS v7.3
Source: Here

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