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EmuCR: Denise Denise v1.1.3 is released. Denise is a cycle accurate and platform independant c64 / amiga emulator. At the moment ONLY c64 cartridge, tape and prg files are supported and features like savestates are not available. My motivation for this project is understanding how it works and write clean and easy readable code.

Denise v1.1.3 changelog:
added newtronics drive sound profile [thanks to enigma]
precise FPS counter and speed selection menu
define a custom speed
define decimal place and refresh interval for FPS counter
added option to render in a separate thread [threaded renderer]
improves VSync for non standard refresh rates, like 50.125 Hz
new default setting, because most reliable
added option for adaptive sync (not to be confused with VRR)
automatically selects the best sync option for requested emulation speed
outperforms threaded renderer, but it needs more attention
first it needs threaded renderer to be disabled
need to detect correct refresh rate (use new sync hotkey to confirm if it fits)
refresh rate detection works for primary screen only (at the moment)
threaded renderer will be enabled automatically if display refresh rate differs from user requested emu speed
skips frames when user requested emu speed is a multiple of display refresh rate
fixed jerky scrolling for Linux and macOS
added option to change the size of the window in the correct aspect ratio
added option to emulate in a separate thread besides User Interface
unblocked audio/video when browsing the file dialog or moving/sizing window
fix support for VRR displays (G-Sync/FreeSync)
reduce input lag by 20 ms (PAL)
don't forget to enabale VRR in your monitor OSD or display software
set display refresh rate to maximum
don't forget to disable VSync in emulator
Linux and macOS don't support VRR in window mode (not an emulator problem)
old direct3D9 driver in Denise support it only in exclusive fullscreen
use openGL in Windows (supports VRR in window and fullscreen mode)
when changing the emu speed, within the VRR interval, the scrolling remains soft
without adjusting the display refresh rate you can switch between 50.125 Hz (PAL) and 59.826 Hz (NTSC)
using revision 1/2 kernals when selecting old VIC's
only happens if standard firmware is selected
show tape content in User Interface
start files without manual fast-forward
fast-forward to selected file without autostartig it
Virtual Device Traps: load tape files (PRG or Turbo Tapes) instantly
added autofire
typical or self-firing continuous fire (superimposed by a press on the fire button)
turbo fire for left/right directions (shaking games)
adjustable autofire frequency
added option to allow opposite directions
by default, simultaneous pressing of opposite directions (left<>right, top<>down) is ignored
added support for second fire button (Cheetah Annihilator)
added tape drive sounds
like floppies, you can add your own sound profiles
you can send me new profiles and I will integrate them permanently with the next release
FreeBSD support
macOS M1 support
a lot of fixes

Download: Denise v1.1.3

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