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EmuCR: N64N64 Git (2022/06/12) is compiled. Experimental low-level N64 emulator written in C and a bit of C++. Still under heavy development and not ready for prime time. Compatibility is not high and performance is not great (yet.) The goals of this project are to create a low-level emulator with good compatibility, while learning a lot along the way.

N64 Git Changelog:
* fix SSV for unaligned elements
* CFC2 and CTC2 correct behavior for invalid indices
* wrap RSP accesses around the end of DMEM
* Fix RSP link instructions when branch depends on value of LR
* fix RSP semaphore register
* overflow exceptions in SUB and DSUB
* Only raise/lower SP interrupts if only one bit is set
* COP0 open bus
* save reg, link, check condition to ensure LR is set correctly in BGEZALL
* Condition is checked before link
* Simplify TLB registers' masking code
* quiet!
* Simplify page mask masking logic
* replace load/store bools with bus_access_t enum
* TLB miss exceptions in LH
* Unused CP0 registers are a single register
* reserved instruction exception
* Support for TLB exceptions in more instructions, implement XKSEG
* TLB exceptions in LL
* more TLB fixes
* TLB fixes
* TLBR reads page mask
* typo
* fix some cop0 masking and the random/wired registers

N64 Git (2022/06/12) : 1cloudfile 1fichier bayfiles letsupload megaup mixdrop pixeldrain uptobox zippyshare
Source: Here

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