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86Box v3.6 is released. 86Box is a low level x86 emulator that runs older operating systems and software designed for IBM PC systems and compatibles from 1981 through fairly recent system designs based on the PCI bus.

86Box Features:
Easy to use interface inspired by mainstream hypervisor software
Low level emulation of 8086-based processors up to the Pentium with focus on accuracy
Great range of customizability of virtual machines
Many available systems, such as the very first IBM PC 5150 from 1981, or the more obscure IBM PS/2 line of systems based on the Micro Channel Architecture
Lots of supported peripherals including video adapters, sound cards, network adapters, hard disk controllers, and SCSI adapters
MIDI output to Windows built-in MIDI support, FluidSynth, or emulated Roland synthesizers
Supports running MS-DOS, older Windows versions, OS/2, many Linux distributions, or vintage systems such as BeOS or NEXTSTEP, and applications for these systems

86Box changelog:
Fix 8514/A and GUS checkboxes not being grayed out with 8-bit ISA-only machines as intended by @lemondrops in #2364
Bump rom version by @rderooy in #2365
8514/a in win32 UI by @jriwanek in #2366
thread_test_mutex for Unix threads by @Cacodemon345 in #2371
qt: Add Drag And Drop support for removable media icons by @Cacodemon345 in #2363
qt: Add MCA device list to Tools by @Cacodemon345 in #2361
qt: Add mouse sensitivity setting by @Cacodemon345 in #2376
8514/A: Pitch no longer hardcoded to 1024, fixes 640x480x256 resolutions by @TC1995 in #2385
Fix compile. by @TC1995 in #2386
EGA fixes to FantasyLand for said card. by @TC1995 in #2387
Added initial (and a bit buggy on OS/2, so use 8514/A on it instead) emulation of XGA by @TC1995 in #2393
Forgot one more thing about XGA. Fixes initialization of the card. by @TC1995 in #2395
More fixes to the PXBlt (BitBLT) side, now patterns work fine as well… by @TC1995 in #2404
qt: Build improvements by @Cacodemon345 in #2396
qt: add Direct3D 9 renderer by @Cacodemon345 in #2406
Fix compile with MSYS2 by @Cacodemon345 in #2407
qt: Fix crashes and freezes when switching to/from Direct3D 9 by @Cacodemon345 in #2408
qt_d3d9renderer: Account for HiDPI scaling by @Cacodemon345 in #2409
qt: attempt fixing black screen by @Cacodemon345 in #2411
EGA fixes to its renderer. by @TC1995 in #2412
Slight fixes to the 8514/A blitter in line draw, rectangle and outline by @TC1995 in #2413
Fixed the Rancho RT1000A/B aspi manager loading (rtaspi10.sys). by @TC1995 in #2415
And finally, more fixes to the XGA implementation including: by @TC1995 in #2416

Download: 86Box v3.6
Source: Here

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