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a7800DS v3.8a is released. a7800DS is an Atari ProSystem 7800 console emulator for the DS/DSi. a7800DS is based on ProSystem. To use this emulator, you must use compatibles rom with a78/bin format.

a7800DS v3.8a changelog:
Massive optmization of the Maria rendering to help the DS-Lite run more games.
Fix for Rampage
Fix for Rescue on Fractalus
Fix for F-18 Hornet
Fix for Double Dragon
Fix for Basketbrawl
Fix for Jinx voice
Better A78 header parsing for improved game detection
New Moderate Frameskip to show 3/4 frames (not as aggressive as the old 1/2 frameskip)
Support for 1024K (+128 byte header) games. Only a few tech demos available so far.
Removed most of the old hacks for DS-Lite as the speed is good enough to render those games properly.

Download: a7800DS v3.8a
Source: Here

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