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EmuCR: DSP EmulatorDSP Emulator v0.21WIP4 (2022/10/25) is released. DSP Emulator is a new version of the ZX SPECTRUM +3, ZX Spectrum 128, ZX Spectrum 48, Arcade, Amstrad CPC 464, NES and Game Boy emulator.

DSP Emulator Changelog:
+Update preview images, added images for new drivers
+Konami K051316
-Begin implementation, still WIP
-HD6309: Fixed opcodes $2c, $2d and $2f
-Konami CPU
+Fixed opcodes $66, $67, $6e, $6f, $76, $77, $7e, $7f, $b4 and $b5
+Added opcodes $74, $bc, $be, $c6, $cc, $cd and $ce (Fixes 'The Simpsons', it's playable to the end)
-M6809: Fixed opcodes $2c, $2d, $2e and $2f
+Konami 053246
-Fixed shadows
+Added gain per channel
+Fixed AY8912 PORTB channel
+Added K051316 video chip
+Added driver with sound
-Kyugo HW
+S.R.D. Mission: Added driver with sound
+AirWolf: Added driver with sound
-Mag Max
+Added driver with sound
-Nemesis HW
+Rewrited screen flip, fixes TwinBee
-The Simpsons
+Fixed video settings
+Added sprites dma interrupt enable/disable
-Thunder Cross HW
+Fixed sprites priority

Download: DSP Emulator v0.21WIP4 (2022/10/25)
Source: Here

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