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NSFPlay v2.5 is released. NSFPlay is an NSF player for Windows and plugin for Winamp. It is a fork of the original program by Brezza, intended to provide support for more recent Windows operating systems, and improve its accuracy and utility.

NSFPlay v2.5 Changelog:
APU frequency dividers now count down (more accurate pitch change timing).
Keyboard view speed control setting should reset to normal when the program restarts.
DPCM bit-reverse option.
Playback advance options (auto, infinite play, single track).
Negate sweep init option (compatibility with old SuperNSF, etc. that relies on nonstandard sweep init).
Option to force VRC7 replacement with YM2413 (OPLL).
DPCM read delay adjusted (4 cycles is a more accurate approximation than 2).
Default volume of APU 2 raised to match measured triangle volumes.
Fixed triangle and noise being logically inverted.
Fixed error in track selector length when using NSFe playlists.
Integrated VRC7 (YM2143) emulation update from Mitsutaka Okazaki.
Linear square mix level now matches nonlinear at 1 full square.
Fix winamp playlist generator track titles.
Write protect internal player memory.

EmuCR: NSFPlay

Download: NSFPlay v2.5
Source: Here

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