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EmuCR: Snes9x GXSnes9x RX v5.4.0 is released. Snes9x RX is a Super Nintendo™ / Super Famicom emulator for the Nintendo Wii. Snes9x RX is a fork from Snes9x GX, a port of Snes9x (http://www.snes9x.com). Snes9x RX is a "homebrew application" which means you will need a way to run unsigned code on your Nintendo Wii. The best website for getting started with Wii homebrew is WiiBrew (www.wiibrew.org).

Snes9x RX Changelog:
Map YXBA to Right Stick (thanks InfiniteBlueGX!)
Right stick can now be configured as YXBA, like what the Xbox 360 wired
controller is configured by default with this emulator, specially useful
for shooters like Smash TV and Total Carnage.
Add option to choose the Emulator Menu toggle [InfiniteBlueGX]
Choose between "Default (All Enabled)", "Home / C-Stick Left", or
the universal button combo "Start+B+A / Start+1+2".
UI navigation improvements. [InfiniteBlueGX]
Pressing B / 1 will now Go Back from all menus and some sub-menus.
Satellaview BIOS ON-OFF (thanks Tanooki16!)
In RX, it was changed and adapted to be intuitive and easy to use.
Enable or disable BS-X Satellaview BIOS boot through:
"Settings -> Menu" or "Game Settings -> Emulator Hacks".

Download: Snes9x RX v5.4.0
Source: Here

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