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WinTVC v1.3.0 is released. WinTVC is an Videoton TV Computer emulator for Windows. The Videoton TV Computer (or simply: TVC) was a popular Hungarian 8-bit micromputer, very similar to the Enterprise-128. It had been licensed from the same company that had developped the Enterprise and later modified my the engineers of the Videoton Electronics, a Hungarian company.

The emulator has good compatibility and the following features:
- full, cycle exact Z80 CPU emulation with undocument opcodes
- almost full Motorola CRTC 6845 emulation
- single channel sound emulation
- WD1793 controller and disk drive emulation
- tape emulation via WAV files
- cartridge support
- full joystick and keyboard emulation, with support for symbolic keymapping

WinTVC v1.3.0 Changelog:
all four expansion slots are now supported
support for Texas Instruments SN76489 sound IC emulation (via emulation of the Multisound and Gamecard expansion cards)
improved tape sound
snapshot improvement (ID, compatibility between 32 and 64 bit)
$FD prefix disassembly fixed

Download: WinTVC v1.3.0
Source: Here

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