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Hi65 v8.0 is released. Hi65 is an unreleased computer from Commodore featuring 256-color graphics, a 3.54 MHz processor and a maximum of 8 MB of RAM. Hi65 is a high-level Commodore 65 emulator.

Hi65 v8.0 Changelog:
* Added support for additional resolutions (1360*768 and 1440*900).
* Rewrote the zoom routines for the instructions BOX, CIRCLE, DRAW, ELLIPSE and LINE, to make them more compact and have them accept more zoom values (for running the emulator at different resolutions) up to 6x.
* Implemented the GOSUB instruction.
* Added a partial implementation of the ASC instruction (to return the ASCII value of the first character of a string, with no string operations for now).
* Extended the PRINT instruction to support string chaining (with the operator + ) and the CHR$ parameter (to turn an ASCII code into a character).
* Fixed a bug in the frontend that used to corrupt the status of the MuParser flag.
* Fixed a bug that used to crash the program if a pixel is drawn beyond the edge of the current resolution.

EmuCR: Hi65

Download: Hi65 v8.0
Source: Here

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