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EmuCR: OpenTTDOpenTTD v13.0-beta1 is released. OpenTTD is an open source simulation game based upon the popular Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe", written by Chris Sawyer. It attempts to mimic the original game as closely as possible while extending it with new features.

OpenTTD is modelled after the original Transport Tycoon game by Chris Sawyer and enhances the game experience dramatically. Many features were inspired by TTDPatch while others are original.

Significant enhancements from the original game include:
bigger maps (up to 64 times in size)
stable multiplayer mode for up to 255 players in 15 companies, or as spectators
dedicated server mode and an in-game console for administration
IPv6 and IPv4 support for all communication of the client and server
in game downloading of AIs, NewGRFs, scenarios and heightmaps
new pathfinding algorithms that makes vehicles go where you want them to
autorail/-road build tool, improved terraforming
canals, shiplifts, aqueducts
larger, non-uniform stations and the ability to join them together
mammoth and multi-headed trains
different configurable models for acceleration of vehicles
clone, autoreplace and autoupdate vehicles
the possibility to build on slopes and coasts
advanced/conditional orders, share and copy orders
longer and higher bridges including several new designs, plus fully flexible tracks/roads under bridges
reworked airport system with many more airports/heliports (e.g. international and metropolitan)
presignals, semaphores, path based signalling
support for TTDPatch NewGRF features offering many options for graphics and behaviour configuration/modification
drive-through road stops for articulated road vehicles and trams
multiple trees on one tile
bribe the town authority
many configuration settings to tune the game to your liking
save games using zlib compression for smaller sizes, while not interrupting gameplay
significant internationalisation support. OpenTTD has already been translated into over 50 languages
dynamically created town names in 18 languages, plus NewGRF support for additional languages
freely distributable graphics, sounds and music
framework for custom (user) written AIs
zooming further out in the normal view and zooming out in the small map
Lots of effort has been put into making OpenTTD easy to use. These include:

convert rail tool (to electrified rail, monorail, and maglev)
drag&drop support for almost all tools (demolition, road/rail building/removing, stations, scenario editor, etc)
sorting of most lists based on various criteria (vehicle, station, town, industries, etc.)
mouse wheel support (scroll menus, zoom in/out)
autoscroll when the mouse is near the edge of the screen/window
sell whole train by dragging it to the dynamite trashcan
cost estimation with the 'shift' key
advanced options configuration window, change settings from within the game
Graphical/interface features:

screenshots can be in BMP, PNG or PCX format (select in game options menu)
more currencies (including Euro introduction in 2002)
extra viewports to view more parts of the game world at the same time
resolution and refresh rate selection for fullscreen mode
colourful newspaper after a certain date
colour coded vehicle profits
game speed increase (through fast forward button or by pressing the TAB key)
snappy and sticky windows that always stay on top and neatly align themselves to other windows
more hotkeys for even less mouse-clicking
support for 32 bit graphics
support for right-to-left languages
support for other (sized) fonts where the user interface scales based on the font and translation

OpenTTD Changelog:
Feature: Airport construction GUI displays infrastructure cost (#10094)
Feature: Purchase land multiple tiles at a time (#10027)
Feature: Add sticky pin & shade widgets to Object Selection UI panel (#10019, #10020)
Feature: Improved handling of HiDPI and mixed-DPI screens (#9994, #9996, #9997, #10064)
Feature: Alternative linkgraph colour schemes (#9866)
Feature: Allow Shift+Insert as paste in edit box (#9836)
Feature: Setting to make the local town authority rubber-stamp all actions (#9833)
Feature: Add/extend console commands to enable screenshot automation (#9771)
Feature: [Linkgraph] Show a tooltip with statistics when hovering a link (#9760)
Feature: Build objects by area (#9709)
Feature: Add setting to hide news about competitors vehicle crash (#9653)
Feature: Ctrl-click to remove fully autoreplaced vehicles from list (#9639)
Feature: Wide rivers on map generation (#9628)
Add: [Script] ScriptCargo::GetWeight to get cargo weights (#9930)
Add: Command line option to skip NewGRF scanning (#9879)
Add: Show video driver name in Game Options window (#9872)
Add: [NewGRF] Map seed as global variable (#9834)
Add: [Script] IndustryType::ResolveNewGRFID to resolve industry id from grf_local_id and grfid (#9798)
Add: [Script] ObjectType::ResolveNewGRFID to resolve object id from grfid and grf_local_id (#9795)
Update: To all the friends we have lost and those we have gained (#10000)
Change: Use the Simulation subcategory to openttd.desktop (#10015)
Change: Constantly update destination of 'any depot' orders (#9959)
Change: Use an indent, not a dash, to list train capacity (#9887)
Change: [NewGRF] Increase vehicle sprite stack from 4 layers to 8 (#9863)
Change: Don't pay Property Maintenance on stations when Infrastructure Maintenance is disabled (#9828)
Change: Improved layout of the finance window (#9827)
Change: [Admin] Bump admin port protocol due to command changes (#9754)
Change: Suppress vehicle age warnings for stopped vehicles (#9718)
Change: Make pf.yapf.rail_firstred_twoway_eol on by default (#9544)
Change: Deliver cargo to the closest industry first (#9536)
Fix: Lots of fixes to how windows handle resizing (#10040, #10042, #10046, #10051, #10056, #10068, #10070, #10098)
Fix: Console commands list_ai output was truncated with a suitably large number of AIs (#10075)
Fix #9876: MacBook Touch Bar crash / render issues w/ 32bpp graphics (#10060)
Fix: Reduce framerate overhead in Train::Tick (#10055)
Fix: Only open scenario editor date query once (#10050)
Fix #10048: Don't relocate company HQ on the same exact location (#10049)
Fix #10038: Missing upper bounds check when loading custom playlists (#10039)
Fix: Wrong string used to determine size of zoomed out station sign (#10036)
Fix: Disable "turn around" button for other companies' road vehicles (#10033)
Fix: Online Players list mouse hover behaviour (#10031)
Fix: [NewGRF] Weirdness of new stations (#10017)
Fix #9854: DrawStringMultiLine() could draw beyond its bounding box (#10014)
Fix: Incorrect player name in online players window (#10013)
Fix #8099: News window zoom level fixes (#10005)
Fix: [NewGRF] Upper 16 random bits should be the same for all station tiles in callback 140 (#9992)
Fix #9989: £0 Net Profit is neither negative nor positive (#9991)
Fix #9804: Only apply sprite_zoom_min setting when sprites available (#9988)
Fix #9972: Add missing fill/resize flags on Framerate window widgets (#9982)
Fix #9935: Use more selectivity when building SSE specific code (#9980)
Fix #9940: Print debuglevel parse errors to console when changed from console (#9979)
Fix #9977: Clearing the console with a large number of lines could cause a crash (#9978)
Fix #9974: Console command getsysdate did not work due to off-by-one error (#9975)
Fix: [NewGRF] Default value of RailVehicleInfo::railveh_type was inconsistent with other default properties (#9967)
Fix #8584: Vehicles with shared orders getting invalid or unexpected start dates (#9955)
Fix #9951: [NewGRF] Scenario editor random industries button broke NewGRF persistent storage (#9952)
Fix: Validation of various internal command parameters that could have allowed a rogue client to crash servers (#9942, #9943, #9944, #9945, #9946, #9947, #9948, #9950)
Fix #9937: Station industries_near incorrect after removing part moved sign (#9938)
Fix: [Script] ScriptRoad::HasRoadType really check for RoadType (#9934)
Fix #9363: Rebuild client list on reinit event (#9929)
Fix #9925: Industry tile layout validation for layouts of only one tile (#9926)
Fix #9918: Reset industy last production year on scenario start (#9920)
Fix #9914: Prevent more useless pathfinder run for blocked vehicles (#9917)
Fix: List a max of four share owners instead of three (#9905)
Fix: [NewGRF] Industry layouts with zero regular tiles should be invalid (#9902)
Fix #9869: Remove docking tile when doing a clear square (#9898)
Fix: New player companies use favorite manager face, if saved (#9895)
Fix: Towns don't build parallel, redundant bridges (#9891)
Fix #9712: Cap town bridge length at original 11-tile limit (#9890)
Fix #9883: Show cost/income float over end tile of rail or road construction (#9889)
Fix #9870: Don't update infrastructure totals when overbuilding object on canal (#9888)
Fix #9877: GS could trigger 'Cost: £0' cost message (#9878)
Fix 44f2ef1: [strgen] Allow gender for {CARGO_SHORT} (#9873)
Fix #9867: Industry::stations_near not filled at industry creation (#9868)
Fix #9853: Incorrect merge of guiflags and flags for osk_activation (#9855)
Fix #6544: Don't join AI company when loading network game in singleplayer (#9794)
Fix: Company values do not properly account for shares (#9770)
Fix #9546: Crash when no industries are present in game (#9726)
Fix #9708: [Linkgraph] Don't assume vehicles have a non-zero max speed (#9693)
Fix #9665: [Linkgraph] Fix travel times of non-direct journeys (#9693)
Fix #8797: Use logical rail length when placing signals (#9652)
Cleanup: [NewGRF] Remove unused flag sprites (#10052)

Download: OpenTTD v13.0-beta1
Source: Here

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