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PSArcade Classic+ 2.1 is released.It's called Project Shadow Arcade Classic+, it's a project that started at the beginning of this year 2022, a version 0.232 [ARCADE64] is being used as a base system, but in reality it started with a version 0.215 [The project was used as a base system PSMame Plus Metal Slug Forever Special Edition], but it was decided to drop this version due to several various problem situations that became more complicated as it progressed adding new roms to the system, because modern codes had to be downgraded and in order to be able to convert them so that were compatible with the version. 0.215, these source codes are still being preserved as a lot of progress has been made and will locate it in docs/Source Code [Version Old]/PSArcade Classic+ 2.0.7z, it can be compiled for the Windows XP operating system.
This project is focused on merging the Arcade64 + HBMame system, The main thing has started by updating the Roms Sets from version 0.232 - 0.245, then it continued with a total cleaning of the roms thus eliminating hundreds of useless roms or .chd and unnecessary and thus to be able to generate a collectible edition and in this way a single version will be published. So that we can leave the roms system much lighter for our hard drive.

PSArcade Classic+ 2.1 Changelog:
This project is focused on merging the Arcade64 + HBMame system, a base system of a version 0.232 was used to update until
version 0.245, it will be the only version that will be published, since it is a collectible edition.
The main thing of all has started a total cleaning in the roms sets eliminating hundreds of useless and unnecessary roms or
.chd, so that we can leave roms sets much lighter for our hard drive.
2022-10-31 2.1
A huge thank you to user Remikare for his cooperation in sharing the source code that made it possible to fix the Neogeo system command.

Download: PSArcade Classic+ 2.1
Source: Here

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