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Spectramine 1.06b is released. Spectramine is a ZX Spectrum 48/128/+2/+3 Emulator for Windows.

Spectramine v1.06b Changelog:
v.1.06b 07/11/2022
- Fixed Z80 INIR/INDR timings
- Added emulation of keyboard matrix effect and random keyboard state changing time
- Popup emulator window after drag'n'drop
- Fixed hided emulator window after start from explorers
v.1.05b 21/10/2022
- Fixed snow effect emulation
- Fixed Pentagon INT Time
- Fixed Z80 block commands behavior
- Fixed Z80 HALT
- Added DRAM Leak emulation
- Fixed Late Timings and Pentagon Shift hot toggle
- Fixed ULA+
- Fixed IM 0 acknowledgement time
- Disabled pause acceleration between tape blocks loading

Download: Spectramine v1.06b

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