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EmuCR: SDLVICE WinVICE r42907 is released. WinVICE is a program that executes programs intended for the old 8-bit computers. The current version emulates the C64, the C128, the VIC20, all the PET models (except the SuperPET 9000, which is out of line anyway), the PLUS4 and the CBM-II (aka C610).

WinVICE Changelog: r42907 | rhialto | 2023-01-19 20:26:53 +0000 (Thu, 19 Jan 2023) | 15 lines
[patches:#351] xpet monitor: Only expose bank "6809" if it's a SuperPET
**Created:** Wed Jan 18, 2023 08:34 PM UTC by Andreas Signer
The bank "6809" should only be exposed if the emulated PET is a SuperPET.
Otherwise, choosing this bank and dumping the memory results in a core dump.
This patch fixes this.
If you want to repro it, do this:
1) start xpet, choose an 8032 (or anything but SuperPET)
2) start the monitor
3) do a "bank 6809"
4) do a "m 0"
r42906 | compyx | 2023-01-19 16:35:26 +0000 (Thu, 19 Jan 2023) | 6 lines
Gtk3: Settings dialog: refactor SID Cart/Card widgets
Tweak layout, use SIDCART_CLOCK_C64/SIDCART_CLOCK_NATIVE instead of magic
r42905 | compyx | 2023-01-19 10:02:18 +0000 (Thu, 19 Jan 2023) | 7 lines
Gtk3: Add PET userport diagnostic pin status bar LED and hotkey (Alt+Shift+d)
Add clickable LED on the status bar to toggle the userport diagnostic pin
in xpet. Also add xpet-specific UI action 'diagnostic-pin-toggle' and map the
action to Alt+Shift+d/Command+Shift+d.
r42904 | compyx | 2023-01-18 23:32:09 +0000 (Wed, 18 Jan 2023) | 5 lines
Gtk3: resource browser widget: fix memory leak on widget destruction
Properly free the internal state object itself, not only its members.
r42903 | compyx | 2023-01-18 23:25:32 +0000 (Wed, 18 Jan 2023) | 9 lines
Gtk3: Log file widget: make "Open log file directory" work on Windows
Use g_spawn_async() to have explorer.exe open in the log file directory.
This is a lot safer than any system()-like arbitrary command line execution,
and it surprisingly actually works.
Still need to find out if g_show_uri_on_window("file:///") works on
MacOS or we also need to use g_spawn_async() for MacOS.

Download: GTK3VICE r42907
Download: SDL2VICE r42907
Source: Here

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