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BasinC v1.794 is released. BasinC is a fork of BASin that incorporates bug fixes and several additional features. BASin is an advanced Sinclair Spectrum development environment based around the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k and 128k models. It provides a user-friendly and powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which makes programming in this exciting and frivolous language an absolute joy. It is not just a simple interpreter - BASin utilises a very fast and accurate emulation engine which guarantees a high degree of accuracy and compatibility with other Emulators and their file types.

BasinC v1.794 Changelog:
There is not much in this update. First of all, you’ll see a few improvements to the UDG Editor that DamienG requested.
Second, while making a few fixes about the SimpleCON device, the bug is also cleared. There are still other minor code fixes but they are not worth writing.
But if you came here via BasinC’s own update check reminder, congratz (to both of us)! it’s good right =) Please leave a comment. Do you think basinc will benefit from improved internet functions? And mention your own ideas. (if you are not–don’t forget to enable update check under Tools > Basinc Options > Basinc Network).
Warning! Do not overwrite your snippets file! (BasinCSnips.dat is provided for first timers only. I’m going to change the file behaviour in the next release.)

Download: BasinC v1.794
Source: Here

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