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InkSpector v2.0.5 is released. InkSpector 2 is an accurate Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator for Windows.

InkSpector Features:
Emulates accurately all ZX Spectrums from the 16K model up to the +3 (all code has been re-written since Inkspector 1), including emulation of the +2A/+3 floating bus behaviour.
Emulates many common peripherals, with the ability to "hot patch" them to the currently running machine.
Live snapshot previews when loading and saving supported files
Support for most common snapshot and tape files, including loading from within .zip files
Full RZX recording support: playback, recording, importing (allows existing recordings to be extended) and verifying (to test whether a recording completes without losing sync).
Flexible peripheral configuration, allowing them to be configured for specific ZX Spectrum models or existing snapshot or recordings, e.g. allows the Chuckie Egg .rzx recording to be configured to attach a Fuller Orator device to allow the game's speech to be heard.
Detailed Microdrive cartridge information with live updates as the cartridge is modified
Detailed +3 disk information, with sectors coloured depending on recent access times to show how the disk is being read or written
Debugger, with ability to load assembler listing and symbol files to aid debugging. Single step times are shown against the instruction. Built in single instruction assembler. Flexible breakpoint system. Flexible find system (e.g. "ldir" or, for example if assembler symbols have been loaded, "ld a,(my_symbol)"). Full ROM and RAM paging support.
Memory window containing 4 tabs which can be individually configured to follow an expression (e.g. "pc- 100"). Any assembler symbols loaded are highlighted in the hex dump.
Keyboard assist which means no more guessing how to enter a command into the 16K and 48K Spectrum BASIC command editor, instead just type the command in full (e.g. 'pr.at 10,20;"Hello there!"') and InkSpector will do the rest.
A headless command line interface version is included, which may be used to perform snapshot conversions, snapshot disassemblies and testing .rzx recording files.
A full Z80 macro assembler, built into both the GUI and CLI tool
A simplified screensaver containing the re-written InkSpector 2 emulation code is included but no longer includes 3D support. InkSpector 2 may be installed side-by-side with InkSpector 1 if you wish to continue to use a 3D screensaver.
Many more features too numerous to mention!

Download: InkSpector v2.0.5
Source: Here

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