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Peanut-GB v1.2.0 is released. Peanut-GB is a single file header Game Boy emulator library based off of this gameboy emulator. The aim is to make a high speed and portable Game Boy (DMG) emulator library that may be used for any platform that has a C99 compiler.

Peanut-GB Changelog:
MiniGB-APU now has it's own repository at https://github.com/deltabeard/minigb_apu
MiniGB-APU now outputs 16-bit signed integer (s16) samples instead of 32-bit floating point (f32). In addition, there is no more floating point arithmetic.
General improvements to documentation.
When a HALT instruction is executed, Peanut-GB now calculates the emulated CPU time until an interrupt will occur instead of looping one CPU cycle at a time until a counter triggers an interrupt. This allows for a significant performance improvement in games which use the HALT instruction.
Use compiler intrinsic functions if available for a small number of emulated CPU instructions.
Many fixes to LCD emulation, including LY=LYC interrupt, BG over OBJ priority, mode timing, IO overwriting, etc. #66 #69 #70 #78.
DMG-ACID2 Test on Peanut-SDL
Added bootrom support using gb_set_bootrom.
peanut_gb.h can now be compiled as an object by defining PEANUT_GB_HEADER_ONLY.
Fix MBC2 emulation #80.
Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

Download: Peanut-GB v1.2.0
Source: Here

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