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ProjectArcade v1.5.4 is released. ProjectArcade is a software for 64-bit versions of Windows designed for retro-gaming and running various emulators of gaming systems. ProjectArcade is a free open source project based on the Open-Source EmulationStation, emulatorLauncher and RetroBat projects. The software was developed by enthusiasts for non-commercial use, namely a fun pastime. All code and configs written by #TheDayG0ne is distributed under the MIT license, and the source code written by RetroBat Team is distributed under the LGPL v3 and CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

ProjectArcade v1.5.4 changelog:
Minor bug fixes
New emulators: OpenMSX, Flycast
Updated Russian localization in EmulationStation
Reduced the size of the shell in the installed form

Download: ProjectArcade v1.5.4
Source: Here

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