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EmuCR: VirtuaNESVirtuaNES 097 Plus 20110124 is released. VirtuaNES 097 Plus is a modified version of VirtuaNES v0.97 by byemu. VirtuaNES is a relatively new NES emulator from Japanese origin. Fortunately there is an English version of it though. Being newer than other NES emulators doesn't mean it's bad, on the contrary in fact. It supports full CPU and sound emulation. As with most emulators for Windows, VirtuaNES requires a recent version of DirectX. Being a NES emulator it doesn't require a very fast PC though.

VirtuaNES 097 Plus 20110124 Changelog:
Increase the mapper supports the following
Add mapper253 support for the new dump of the Pearl
Add mapper216
Add mapper206
Add mapper199 support the new story dump up to 3 knight, alien version of "King of the continent", etc.
Add mapper195 support "Captain Tsubasa", "Mega Man X" and other Chinese
Add mapper194 support the "second Robot Wars" and other Chinese
Add mapper192 support the "martyrs Heroes" and other Chinese
Speaking of change mapper191 support madcell characters of "blood Moon" "Street Fighter" "Double Dragon 3"
Add mapper178 *
Add mapper177 *
Add mapper176 *
Add mapper175 *
Add mapper168
Add mapper163 support for South-crystal Games
Add mapper162
Improved support for AV Sailor Moon mapper116
Add mapper111
Modify the mapper 74 support the alien "swallowed World 3", this game can run with mapper198
Improved mapper 15 support the 100-in-1 Contra Function 16

Increase UNIF board supports the following
Increase SUBOR_999 support (with mapper168)
Add FK23C / A support "Three Ao Pa world", etc.
Increase is not fully supported SMART_GENIUS
Xuan-yun, an increase CHINA_ER_SAN2 Speaking of support, "King of the continent"
Add BMC-8187
Add SACHEN_STREETHEROES support the Samurai - Sachen (Optional language version)

Other improvements
Native support for ZIP, 7Z archives
Improved ROM ceiling BUG
Ignore the error to increase CPU instructions, problem support that, "Pearl Hero"
PPU process changes to address the mapper165 (Torch badge) text display issues a few games

Download: VirtuaNES 097 Plus 20110124
Source: Here

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  1. Thanks

    However, where does this come from ? Not from the official Virtuanes site you link to, it seems...


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