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EmuCR: MedGui RebornMedGui Reborn v0.102 is released. MedGui is a GUI (Frontend) for Mednafen WINDOW OS.

MedGui Reborn v0.102 Changelog:
- Added pause/unpause and enable/disable cheats as configurable key
- added direct search of a cheat code on "gamehacking.org", by serial for saturn and psx games, and by crc32 for all others based cartidge rom (Thx to rimsky82 for all support on this part of web query)
- Added a "Experimental" cheat manager to import/modify, delete cheat in RAW mode only
- Fixed bad calc of md5 on nes,lynx games
- Fixed a crash on save import manager
- Fixed a crash on UCI when a user want to exit without connect on irc channells
- Updated VgmPlay to v3.42
- Fixed a bug when missing MedGuiR resources are downloaded and extracted
- Fixed missing detection of mai package file in any circumstance
- Setted TGDB NewApi as default (due to legacy server shutdown)
- Fixed ss.cart parameter to auto, for mednafen >= 1.22.0
- Added Apple II+ on TGDB Scraper Platform
- Added additional control on compressed file to skip that with annidate folder inside (should be fix any crash)
- Added a control to skip file without extension, this will reduce the scan time
- Updated 7z library to the last release
- Added a control at MedGuiR startup and when a user change Mednafen path, to detect emu4crt Mednafen fork

EmuCR: MedGui Reborn

Download: MedGui Reborn v0.102
Source: Here

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