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EmuCR: FB AlphaFB Neo Git (2020/06/03) is complied. FinalBurn Neo is an Emulator for Arcade Games & Select Consoles. It is based on the emulators FinalBurn and old versions of MAME.

FB Neo Git changelog:
* coleco: fix super pac-man
* bloxeed dips
* coleco updates: add a bunch of new games
* (nw) make Gondo available on regular build
* (nw) As suggested better use filenames from GOGTVG
* d_jchan.cpp; New working clone
* (nw) more Chinses Unicode ROMset name
* (nw) added Chinese Unicode ROMset name
* msx: add space harrier 2, witches, zmazin go, lizard willy, out run and a bunch of other nice games
* SMS add new Phantasy Star translation from https://www.smspower.org/forums/17975-PhantasyStarRetranslation200Released

Download: FB Neo Git (2020/06/03) x64
Source: Here

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