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QEMU/9821 for Windows (2012/08/20) is released. QEMU/9821 for Windows (2012/08/20) is the experimental work to support NEC PC-9821 on QEMU.

QEMU/9821 for Windows (2012/08/20) Changelog:(Google Translate)

It is an update of a long time.
Hasten, I'll just enumerate modifications.

I fixed the screen text did not appear in color mode 640x400, 256.
I support the semi-screen graphic text.
I reproduced the behavior of the screen text is shifted one dot.
I fixed the digital palette did not appear to function properly.
I fixed the screen switching graphics to display to it did not function properly.
I fixed implementation is GRCG were wrong part.
I fixed some of the keyboard to key it did not work.
I have fixed had not started to read the wav sound of rhythm OPNA.

EmuCR: QEMU/9821 on Windows Snapshot

Download: QEMU/9821 for Windows (2012/08/20)
Source: Here

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