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MxUIMxUI v1.2 is released. MxUI is a new front-end for command-line MAME. MxUI is a graphical interface intended for MAME which is in the same spirit as MAME+GUI but more modern and fast, it also uses M1 and IPS patches.

MxUI v1.2 Changelog:
1、fix the problem that the custom folder ini not support root-folder .
2、support the new mame‘s xml
3、optimized code.

1. MxUI directory can be diffrent the mame directory
2. MxUI support localize machine list . you can put the lis.mmo to direcory lang/EN_US/、lang/ZH_CH/、lang/ZH_TW/.
3. MxUI backgroud dirctory name is backgroud/
4. Other dirctory path, You can check the settings
5. MxUI read the dat files from dirctory lang/xxxx/ first, if failed, then from the path of dats_dirctory.
6. M1 player , recommend v0.7.9a1.


Download: MxUI v1.2
Source: Here

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