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EmuCR: Project64N64 Input Plugin Serial 0.0.2 is compiled. This is a n64 emulator plugin that will allow communication with a n64 controller hooked up to an arduino. Using this in conjunction with https://github.com/stump/n64io and an Arduino will allow you to use an N64 controller nativly with mupen64plus or Project64, along with all of its peripherals. Direct communication means rumble paks, controller paks, and transfer paks will just work without the need of some stupid expensive adapter.

N64 Input Plugin Serial 0.0.2 Changelog:
- Project64 compatibility
-Fixed some issues

EmuCR: Project64

Download: N64 Input Plugin Serial 0.0.2 x86
Download: N64 Input Plugin Serial 0.0.2 x64
Source: Here2

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