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EmuCR: SimCoupe SimCoupe v1.2.5 is released. SimCoupe emulates the SAM Coupe - a Britsh Z80-based home computer released in 1989 by Miles Gordon Technology. See the Links section at the end of this document for more information, including history and technical specifications.

SimCoupe v1.2.5 changelog:
fixed CRLF issue reading old Linux/macOS configuration files (#62)
fixed first reset after DI;HALT failing due to incomplete CPU reset.
fixed file selector showing /home instead of full $HOME
fixed RETI to restore iff1 from iff2 (undocumented).
restored support for CMOS Z80 behaviour [out (c),0/255].
restored register init for hard/soft reset.
added support for in-memory Comet symbols. (#63)
added support for exporting debug symbols to .map (#63)
improved auto-type to ensure turbo mode is turned off.

Download: SimCoupe v1.2.5

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