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86Box v3.2 is complied. 86Box is a low level x86 emulator that runs older operating systems and software designed for IBM PC systems and compatibles from 1981 through fairly recent system designs based on the PCI bus.

86Box Features:
Easy to use interface inspired by mainstream hypervisor software
Low level emulation of 8086-based processors up to the Pentium with focus on accuracy
Great range of customizability of virtual machines
Many available systems, such as the very first IBM PC 5150 from 1981, or the more obscure IBM PS/2 line of systems based on the Micro Channel Architecture
Lots of supported peripherals including video adapters, sound cards, network adapters, hard disk controllers, and SCSI adapters
MIDI output to Windows built-in MIDI support, FluidSynth, or emulated Roland synthesizers
Supports running MS-DOS, older Windows versions, OS/2, many Linux distributions, or vintage systems such as BeOS or NEXTSTEP, and applications for these systems

86Box changelog:
Updated Japanese translation by @EmpyreusX in #1960
Updated Simp. Chinese translation by @EmpyreusX in #1963
Re-added the threaded FIFO in place of the non-threaded one, but with… by @TC1995 in #1964
Fixes to config file backwards compatibility by @lemondrops in #1968
Парочка изменений // A couple of changes by @kroshmorkovkin in #1974
Update hu-HU.rc in #1975
Updates to the current German translation by @dob205 in #1977
Change MO vendor length to 9 by @Cacodemon345 in #1978
Fix plat_mmap on FreeBSD by @Cacodemon345 in #1980
Fixes for midi input by @ts-korhonen in #1979
Pass sysex messages in mpu-401 uart mode by @ts-korhonen in #1981
Various translation fixes by @dob205 in #1982
Fix UART-mode detection on input sysex messages by @ts-korhonen in #1983
Add hide_tool_bar config file setting by @ts-korhonen in #1984
Fix opengl core renderer message pump by @ts-korhonen in #1987
Update pt-BR.rc by @altiereslima in #1986
Exit full screen mode if changing window (with alt-tab) by @ts-korhonen in #1988
Implement the toolbar by @dhrdlicka in #1985
Update pt-BR.rc by @altiereslima in #1990
Updated Simp. Chinese and Japanese translations by @EmpyreusX in #1989
Implemented ES1371 midi input by @TC1995 in #1999
Added MIDI In/Out to the AdLib Gold as well as a fix to wave out. by @TC1995 in #2000
Added gameport at port 201h to AdLib Gold sound card by @Ompronce in #2001
Fixed incorrect control chip ID of AdLib Gold and added auxillary registers to mixer by @Ompronce in #2002
Polish translation by @Fanta-Shokata in #2006
AdLib Gold changes: by @TC1995 in #2003
Update the Russian translation by @lemondrops in #2007
Minor update ru-RU.rc by @KeishiX in #2008
Fixes and updates by @jriwanek in #2012
Initial Boca Research BocaRAM/AT support by @jriwanek in #2013
Better translation by @Diicorp95 in #2015
Added TVP3026 clock emulation and hooked up to the corresponding S3 c… by @TC1995 in #2017
Fix several build issues if built with -DDYNAREC=Off by @goshhhy in #2021
Re-organized Buslogic card versions based on their microcode informat… by @TC1995 in #2023
fix build with dynarec by @goshhhy in #2025
Correctly emulate FPU concurrent execution timings by @goshhhy in #2022
Openal changes by @jriwanek in #2026
Adlib Gold EEPROM data fix by @jriwanek in #2028
Some video related cleanups by @jriwanek in #2030
PS/1 Audio & Tandy Nano by @jriwanek in #2029
More Consistency for github actions builds by @jriwanek in #2027
Added FastLine accel command to the TGUI96xx family of chips (TGUI944… by @TC1995 in #2031
Even more cleanups, and fixes by @jriwanek in #2032
MMIO writes to 0xe2e8 are no longer redirected to the FIFO functions … by @TC1995 in #2033
Add Ukrainian Translation. by @Danik2343 in #2034
Fix missing strings by @jriwanek in #2035
Fix brief extreme noise on hard resets by @Cacodemon345 in #2036
device_t refactor by @jmlovelace in #2011
Added the Matrox Millennium card to dev branch and its respective bit… by @TC1995 in #2041
Preliminary config stuff for selectable uart type by @jriwanek in #2040
Additional comments in sb_dsp.c by @jriwanek in #2039
Fixes to config file backwards compatibility, take 2 by @lemondrops in #2038
win32 UI changes by @jriwanek in #2047
Small fix for uk-UA.rc by @SuperMaxusa in #2042
Added EMS emulation to the SCAMP chipset from the PCem emulator. by @TC1995 in #2048
More UI Layout Improvements by @jriwanek in #2049
Fixed IDE storage class identification. by @TC1995 in #2051
Qt port by @ts-korhonen in #2016
More win32 UI changes by @jriwanek in #2053
Miscellaneous code cleanup by @lemondrops in #2054
fix statusbar message by @ts-korhonen in #2056
Ported the latest fixes of the SCAMP EMS implementation from PCem. by @TC1995 in #2057
Fixed the ISA bus detection of the Mach64GX. by @TC1995 in #2059
Add MT-32 LCD message display support in the status bar by @Cacodemon345 in #2060
Fix window title after changing UI language by @Cacodemon345 in #2067
Fix untranslated hide toolbar string by @Cacodemon345 in #2066
Translation updates for Win32 and Qt (German and Croatian) by @dob205 in #2064
Qt is now on by default for non-Windows by @Cacodemon345 in #2063
Potential fixes for GitHub Actions on macOS by @dob205 in #2068
Disable LCD messages on Roland CM-32L emulation by @Cacodemon345 in #2062
Fix missing include by @Cacodemon345 in #2073
Update pl-PL.rc by @Adrianwo99 in #2070
Fix compile error by @Cacodemon345 in #2093
Fix a compile-breaking typo in qt_progsettings.c by @lemondrops in #2095
Mach64 changes/improvements: by @TC1995 in #2099
Add missing I/O, DMA and IRQ Ranges by @jriwanek in #2101
Ported the SCAMP IDE fix from PCem. by @TC1995 in #2104
More Win32 UI, TNDY, and Soundblaster Improvements by @jriwanek in #2112
Consistency fixes to text strings by @lemondrops in #2118
Miscellaneous fixes by @lemondrops in #2117
Move the Tandy PSG ISA clones to the Dev branch by @lemondrops in #2121
Remove the last remaining trace of the defunct VRAM dumping function by @lemondrops in #2119
Updated Simp. Chinese and Japanese translations by @EmpyreusX in #2123

Download: 86Box v3.2
Source: Here

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