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EmuCR: Flycast Flycast Git (2022/04/17) is compiled. Flycast is a multi-platform Sega Dreamcast, Naomi and Atomiswave emulator derived from reicast.

Flycast Git changelog:
* Merge pull request #595 from flyinghead/dev
* more types.h clean up. better aica handler templates
* arm64 build fix
* clean up types.h, refactoring
* simplify TA parsing
* gui: init once. reset ui driver when needed. android 120+ Hz support
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev
* don't save built-in cheats (vf4 dimm check)
* lr: don't terminate emu on deinit. gl4: buffer wasn't released on term()
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev
* ta: default base/offset color is white, not black
* naomi network: alienfnt startup crash if not connected
* aica: double arm clock speed
* test automation build fix, better exit
* win32 build fix
* elan: reset TA parser before loading state
* maxspeed networking. Store aw force feedback value
* naomi network: ignore WSAECONNRESET. Longer timeout for client
* naomi: use platform-independent network error codes (win32)
* build fixes for msvc, ios and android
* new naomi network protocol. vblank event. initd rumble support
* widescreen cheats for gun spike, initdv3e, alpilotj, monkey ball
* more naomi widescreen cheats. Fix vathlete 4-player mode
* widescreen cheat for vf4tuned
* naomi2: use TA parser. Use N2light directly with vk, dx11
* naomi2: network support for clubk and initd
* vulkan: cache per-poly desc sets in map
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dev
* naomi2: vulkan support
* naomi2: boost lights by constant factor. simplify shaders
* naomi2: partial gles2 compatibility
* switch: revert a92c2899c8e223aa3a88cd1365bcadc31432172e
* CI: windows-2019 for windows. devkita64:20220128 for switch
* naomi2: fix beach spiker crash
* imgui: better drag scrolling code
* missing changes from previous commit
* naomi: use boot rom id to configure eeprom
* switch build: cmake is now producing .o instead of .obj
* naomi2: fix another initdv2 end of race crash
* naomi2: fix initdv2 end of race crash
* pvr: don't merge polys with != palette. 2nd pass sometimes ignored
* naomi2: initd card support. lua: fix multi-threading crash
* gl4: depth pass need texture and UV for punch-through polys
* dx11: fix crash with modvols
* naomi2: force region for some roms. elan clean up
* naomi2: dx11 support. fix ambient color. no depth write in per-strip
* naomi2: shader error in gles. Invert clubkart wheel axis
* naomi2: remove geom shader. Merge transparent polys. bump mapping fix.
* naomi2: soulsurfer inputs, 2-volume UV, wrong TA parser selected
* naomi2: elan v10 emulation. texture dma xfers. 2-volume support
* naomi2: kingrt66 wiper button. initd gear up/down
* naomi2: disable elan when net rollbacking, optimizations. ggpo: RTT fix
* pvr: fix multipass. naomi2: constant color shading.
* ggpo: memory leak in free_buffer
* ggpo: wrong elan ram offset calculation
* dummy commit
* cheats: iOS build fix
* pvr: use TA_OL_BASE instead of PARAM_BASE/TA_ISP_BASE to id TA context
* build fix
* naomi2: Fix T&L matrix. vmem elan ram support.
* naomi2: vf4tuned cheat/hack to skip DIMM fw version check
* use platform.isConsole(), platform.isNaomi(), ...
* test fix
* naomi2: implement SB_ISTNRM for clxb. serialize elan state
* jvs: set received jvs message trail to zero
* another GL_CLIP_DISTANCE0 build fix
* GL_CLIP_DISTANCE1 undefined
* naomi2: fix regressions. 2-volume and bump mapping support WIP
* libretro: missing new param to gl4GetProgram
* naomi2: do T&L on the gpu. bypass TA format. env mapping.
* naomi2: fix clipping, parallel light direction, reset state on loadstate
* naomi2 WIP

Flycast Git (2022/04/17) x64 : 1fichier bayfiles bowfile dailyuploads letsupload megaup mixdrop pixeldrain send uptobox zippyshare
Flycast Git (2022/04/17) for Android : 1fichier bayfiles bowfile dailyuploads letsupload megaup mixdrop pixeldrain send uptobox zippyshare

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