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EmuCR:JPcspJpcsp SVN r1315 is released.JPCSP is a PlayStation Portable(PSP) emulator which is written in JAVA. JPCSP is the first PSP emulator that is written in JAVA. Most people think java is too slow. But Shadow and his team has proven us wrong. The newest Java versions are almost as fast as C which makes it very interesting for emu dev's. Shadow and his team are working day and night with pleasure on the emu, many coders have dedicated to the project. Because it's written in java many young devs find it interesting to learn how the emulator works.

Jpcsp SVN changelog:
Fixed sceCtrlReadBufferPositive() and sceCtrlReadBufferNegative(): the calling thread is delayed if the controller sampling cycle has not elapsed. A proper implementation using interrupts is in the pipeline ;-)
This fix is needed for homebrew developer evhoria.
Performance improvement in texture caching: reload/check the texture only if texture parameters have been changed since last PRIM. This might improve the FPS of some games.
Implemented the R_MIPS_NONE relocation type. I could not find any information on this type, but the implementation seems to fit for the game "Little Britain".
An INFO message is displayed for games using this relocation type in order to identify them and cross-check the implementation.

Download: Jpcsp SVN r1315

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